There is no doubt that beards have had something of a renaissance in recent years. Yes, men have long had beards and other facial hair. But never have they been as much of a fashion statement as they are now. Not even in the times of handlebar moustaches, which incidentally can sometimes be spotted along with a beard. It’s not that you’re entirely opposed to the idea of a beard. It’s just that they only work if men are willing to look after them. You don’t want to put up with a scraggly, scratchy beard that’s too long and not clean enough. If you need to get your man’s beard in shape, use these tips.

Keep It Trimmed

Beards come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are big and bushy, while others and neat and trimmed. But whatever the shape and size of your man’s beard, he’s going to need to do some sculpting. Just think of it like topiary for his face. To maintain the shape he wants, he needs to trim it regularly, or it will get out of control. He might like the slightly wilder look, but there are many reasons for not looking like a member of ZZ Top. For one thing, a trimmed beard looks more professional than one that’s left to grow wild and free.


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Keep It Clean

We all wash our hair fairly regularly, depending on our hair type. It might be once a week or once a day. But how often do men wash their beards properly? You’ve probably heard horror stories about the amount of bacteria found in beards. They’re perfect places for germs to settle in, and a lot of men don’t bother to wash them. Make sure your fella doesn’t use soap to wash his beard, though. He should use shampoo, and preferably one that helps to moisturise the hair and isn’t too harsh on his face.


Men need to look after the hair on their face as much as what’s on their head. If they don’t, it could become brittle and scratchy, which is unpleasant for you as well as him. It’s a good idea to look for the best beard oil for his hair and skin. It will help to keep everything silky smooth so that it doesn’t irritate either of you. Facial hair tends to be rougher than head hair, so it needs a little extra attention. He could also try using a beard balm. Just be careful about which products he chooses, because too much oil on already oily skin isn’t going to help matters.


Growing a beard can be rough on his skin too. It can cause ingrown hairs and dryness, or make his skin more oily. He should make sure that he’s caring for his skin as much as his beard by moisturising and dealing with any oiliness. A good beard oil can take care of both skin and hair at the same time.

Don’t let your man get away with a messy beard. Help him to look after it by getting him a beard care kit for the next special occasion.


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