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I have a slight confession this week ,I have not been as careful with my budget as I should have been, Yes I have...


I have a slight confession this week ,I have not been as careful with my budget as I should have been, Yes I have caved in and there is only one place to blame…ASOS.COM

I am a budgeting failure, but a well dressed budgeting failure and a proud owner of the an amazing Olivia Rubin Maxi dress so it can’t all be bad news.

Olivia Rubin graduated from Central St Martins in 2006 in fashion print and has since become a fashion favourite amongst celebrities such as Lily Allen and Cheryl Cole, well seeing as Im also northern and brunette hey me and Chezza are practically twins I also added the off the shoulder swirl dress to help channel my inner queen of pop gene!

The rest of Olivia Rubins collection is available on and prices range from £95-£120.

Whilst online at ASOS I also bought a pair of leather suede twist front platform shoes for £49.50 I knowI am supposed to be telling you all how to look chic without spending a lot of money if any at all however since cutting back on my £2.25 a day coffee habit I have saved £45 this month so technically these shoes only cost me £4.50 and as I tell the boy when I get home better to have hot shoes that a cellulite giving caffine addiction.


The good news is that after my little spree ……Oh I also bought a couple of vest tops and a cocktail ring I was very honest with the boy about what I had bought and how much they cost, pre recession/mortgage I used to knock around £30 off the prices so he wouldn’t have a go at me whilst we were saving for our deposit, once I went out and bought the most gorgeous earrings from Les Nereides they cost £80 but I lied and told him they were only £10,I thought I had got away with it until we went out for his dad’s birthday and they broke!He thought it was so strange I was getting so upset over a pair of £10 earrings and it was then I had to come clean.Needless to say I have not lied to him again!!!!!!!


On my quest to stay chic and fabulous and let you know all about credit crunching deals I found a great website they stock brands such as Kerastase, Dermoligica and Fake Bake at discounted prices and you get free delivery.I stocked up on Kerastase Core Nutritive Lait Vital and Dermoligica Skin Smoothing Cream which are both on my list of “ Can’t Live Without” products.

I am on a mission next week to find the perfect outfit for a gig, Im going to see Kasabian at the Royal Albert Hall in a couple of weeks** and whilst Im not a stranger to gigs I do always seem to turn up feeling my wardrobe choices were completely inappropriate,I once wore a pair of heels to a gig in Camden-Urgh how I paid for that one and the fact that I wore a lovely new jacket that was then ruined by the beer and cider and goodness knows what other liquid forms were thrown that night!Anyway walking along next to the boy who believes he is Noel Gallagher and dare I say it always looks great at this kind of event I struggle with the whole “Indie” kinda look,I always end up looking more wannabe geek than Indie Chic therefore I am on the lookout.

I am busy getting you a fabulous guide to Mothers Day presents on a budget and give you inspiration so look out for that over the next few days….

**The Teenage Cancer Trust are hosting a set of Gigs at the end of March at The Royal Albert Hall in London,It is such a good cause and you get a great night out of it!

Buy tickets online

Words and Pictures by Hannah Haddad

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