Want to go to bed? That’s not a come-on, by the way. Whether you’re enjoying a nap, a cosy bedtime read or a bit of sizzling between-the-sheets action there are few of us who wish that we could spend less time in bed.

Like everything else in the consumer sphere, the variety of choice on offer has exploded over recent years, with a dazzling array of bed styles available in any home store worth its salt. The days of the simple pine bed frame are numbered as people look to more exotic offerings such as leather and metal frames to keep in tune with their personal aesthetic.

Naturally, the advent of cheap goods from China has meant that these options have fallen within most people’s budgets – at the likes of Argos, you can pick up a leather bed for a relatively small amount of money in a way that you wouldn’t have thought possible just a few years ago.

If you’ve got a traditional taste, then a frame that has an authentic wrought-iron look can be had for just a couple of hundred quid if you shop around, and pine beds can be even cheaper than that. So regardless what your bedroom looks like, you should be able to pick something suitable up for a reasonable sum.

But if you are buying a bed, a common mistake is to blow a stash of cash on the bed frame and then walk out of the shop with the cheapest mattress you can find, because your budget has been reached and breached.

If that’s you, then you might as well have flushed your money down the loo  – because the comfort of the bed is almost entirely reliant on the quality of the mattress. At the very top end, a memory foam mattress is going to cost a few hundred quid (although you’ll get the best ever night’s sleep)  but if that’s out of your reach, names like Slumberland have a range of more affordable mattresses that are good quality and plenty comfy enough for most of us.

When looking at a mattress purchase, don’t make the mistake of getting wrapped up in the way it looks –  remember that you’ll be covering it with a fitted bottom sheet so you can overlook the often chintzy designs that mattress manufacturers seem to be mad keen on.

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