I wanted to take this opportunity of “National Best Friends” day to write an open letter to my best friend Jade. Jade is such...
I wanted to take this opportunity of “National Best Friends” day to write an open letter to my best friend Jade.

Jade is such a beautiful person inside and out and deserves some public recognition!

Dear Jade,

I know you weren’t expecting me to write a post today as I’ve been busy working on our other little business venture, but I couldn’t let Best Friend day pass by without writing something.

Since meeting you, my life has become so much better. I love our long chats on Skype, and how we also have the same outlook on life. And how we chat about what we would change in the world, how kindness is so so important and that the world needs more love and happiness.

I love the way you always see the good in everyone and that you are so down to earth.

Working online, I see it all the time.

People obsessing over the latest designer handbags or technology. It warms my heart to know there are still people out there like you who are happy with just the simple things in life like a good book, a lazy afternoon and a pack of crisps.

Since knowing you Jade I have watched you grow with the work you have been doing, and even though you are becoming more and more successful every day, it hasn’t changed what a loving caring person you are and your morals have stayed the same.

I find that quite often when I’m having a conversation with someone, they can’t wait for their turn to talk and you can tell they’re not really listening at all, but when I talk to you, I can tell that you are really listening to everything I say and you asks questions and really care about what I’m talking about. Even if it is some random crap lol.

I’ve found out the hard way how cruel some “friends” can be so I feel super lucky to have found such an amazing genuine friend in you Jade and I look forward to us being life-long best friends and business partners! Love you!!!


I AM going to kick your ass at pool tonight! 😉  🐫

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