Big Anniversary? How To Celebrate In Style

If it’s your anniversary soon, then congratulations! These days more marriages end in divorce than last forever. To be celebrating a big anniversary is a huge achievement and should definitely be celebrated in style. After all, it takes a lot of patience, kindness, sacrifice, compromise and love to make it this far.

You might want to start with a card from each other. Don’t settle for just any card. Consider a rewrite of your wedding vows to reflect your lives together since you married. You might even compose a poem. Write this on your card to give to your spouse. It will be much treasured for years to come.

Often, an anniversary is the perfect excuse to buy each other a gift. We usually buy beautiful jewelry and keepsakes for such events. But for a big anniversary, it’s time to celebrate your marriage in style. An eternity ring represents everlasting love. If you’ve been together this long, the chances are that’s exactly what you’ve found with each other. You can even bespoke design your eternity rings at some jewelers. This gives you a chance to create the perfect ring to represent your love for each other.


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A big anniversary is definitely worth the hassle of finding a babysitter and heading out. Instead of booking a cab, why not book a limousine? Travelling in style can be very romantic. Your limo could take you all over town for the night. You might even want to check into a fancy hotel or recreate your first date.

A good meal out followed by drinks or a show can be an ideal anniversary night out. Choose a favourite restaurant, but let them know it’s your big anniversary. This should ensure you receive the very best service. Treat yourselves to champagne to toast your happy marriage. Most people don’t make it to where you are, so you definitely deserve a few treats. A good marriage takes a lot of work from both of you. Toast to it!


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If you don’t often get out together, why not book the next day off work? That way you can stay out guilt free. Let the grandparents look after the kids for a couple of days. You could take a mini break to the country, or even a romantic city break. Quality time together is what makes a solid marriage. What better time to reclaim that time than on your anniversary?

All good anniversary dates should end up in the bedroom, but don’t let that be the end of it. Why not take a romantic bath together? Could you even enjoy a jacuzzi? It can be wonderful to enjoy each other fully on any date, but it’s important to rekindle these kinds of moments on your anniversary.

If you’re about to celebrate the big one, then you could always make a big event of it. Renewing your vows can be a wonderful way to share your love with all your friends and family. The promises you made to each other a decade ago can be remade with a big event in front of a celebrant. As it’s not a legal ceremony, you have the freedom to enjoy it anywhere you like. Congratulations.

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