Bionova – a true revolution in skincare . . .


It is not often there is a sea change in skincare – a collection that truly revolutionises ingredients, delivery, analysis, diagnostics – and most importantly, results.  But that is exactly what BIONOVA promises.  Already a cult brand in America where it is sold exclusively at Barneys, it is now set to shake up skin care tenets here too.  BIONOVA is, at its most basic – you, in a jar.   It is the result of twenty five years of scientific research by CEO, Dr Michael Danielov MD, PhD – initially in the area of reaction of living organisms after traumatic shock.  Dr Danielov discovered that if the body’s own active ingredients could be delivered successfully to damaged cells, they would be able to self repair.  This discovery resulted in the creation of BIONOVA – a skincare range based on this unique technology, applied to a results driven skincare regime tailor made for you.

As BIONOVA contains only bioactive ingredients that are naturally occurring in the body, they therefore work quickly to be recognised and assimilated to aid the body’s own self healing process.  These ingredients are delivered to the dysfunctional skin cells in tiny quantities, using a unique, patented process, to re-establish proper skin cell function and aid the rejuvenation process – quickly, safely and naturally. And the results are astonishing!

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