Can Blogging Make You a Happier Person?

▷ ▸ Blog Away the Blues ◂◁ In modern day, it is extremely common for people to blog. In fact, in 2017, the number...

▷ ▸ Blog Away the Blues ◂◁

In modern day, it is extremely common for people to blog. In fact, in 2017, the number of blogs has increased, not by double, and not by triple…but by nineteen times in the past five years alone.

Some people use their blogs to document and share their lives, some talk about their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, and some have even managed to make blogging their full-time job.

Whilst most of us bloggers are quite happy with smaller audiences and searching around for blogging opportunities, there has to be a reason; something that pulls us in. Or else why would so many people be doing it? Despite seemingly getting not a lot in return…

and there is!

Quite simply, blogging can make people happy! Let me tell you why.

☆ You Can earn Money ☆

Yes it’s true! People can and do make money from their blogs. There are a lucky few who make a career from their blogs, and some are simply able to put their earnings back into their hobbies. Either way, though, you are winning!

There are two ways people can make money from their blogs:

Affiliate Marketing  – Essentially you sign up to an affiliate programme and earn commission for traffic or sales that are generated from the links that you share. Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to promote the products you love and the products specific to your audience. Which benefits not only you but them too.

Adsense – Google AdSense allows you place content on your website or blog spaces to advertise other companies. Usually, this is in the banner.

Whilst money may not be everything,  it does make the world go round. Furthermore, money is the number one stress among people in the UK, and it is the biggest cause of relationship breakdowns. Having the opportunity to earn money from your hobby can alleviate some of this stress and less stress creates happier people. It’s true!


☆ Let Your Freak Flag Fly ☆

A lot of people blog about their passions in life and their hobbies. This can often engage a targeted audience in areas that are often looked over by mainstream media.Which consequentially, allows like-minded people to come together and be among people that they can relate to. Additionally, it can present people with the opportunity to bring awareness to their passions, regardless of how niche it may be.

 When you have the opportunity to connect with people and be among people who can relate to you, or who have the same interests can promote feelings of inclusion and acceptance. In addition, gaining recognition for doing something you love creates satisfaction, and pride. Combine all of this together, and the end result is? A happier person!


★ Gain a Little Perspective ★

A common trait among people who live in the UK is an inability to be open and forthright about their feelings. For some reason, as a nation, we are extremely awkward and will go to extreme lengths to smile through gritted teeth and suppress it all. Unfortunately, this does not make for happy people.

So, one of the greatest opportunities blogging offers us, is a space to be free – a space to discuss those feelings that we would otherwise suppress. Not only are we able to air our deepest, darkest troubles, but in return, we gain impartial, objective advice. Sometimes a little perspective is all we need to work things out.

A problem shared is a problem halved remember. The outcome? Happier people.


☆ Hit the Road Jack ☆

One of the best things about being a blogger is that you can do it anywhere! Literally! So long as you have access to the internet and something to connect to the internet with, you can blog!

So, for those lucky blighters who blog for a living, they are not bound to one place, they can take their job with them.

There are even some luckier people who can turn their travel experiences into a job and travel the world for free. By doing reviews and blogging about their travel experiences, they might not have to spend a penny.

Wait, there’s more! Blogging can help you connect with others whilst you are travelling. You can update your blog with pictures and stories and let your family and friends share in your adventures.


☆ This is My Contribution ☆

Finally, blogs present people with the opportunity to reach out and help others. You can share experiences,  wisdom,  knowledge and advice on your blog, then that information’s available for anyone who needs it.

Being able to contribute to the world in a positive way certainly, makes for happy bloggers.


☚ ♡ ☛

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