Book Review: Holly’s Inbox, By Holly Denham

A full novel told by reading someone’s email? I was a little sceptical when I picked up this book, a snip at on £3...

A full novel told by reading someone’s email? I was a little sceptical when I picked up this book, a snip at on £3 in my local supermarket, but I was about to be proved very wrong!

Holly’s Inbox is the novel form of the online phenomena which hit the internet waves earlier this year. Originally, was launched to keep girls like us occupied when we got board at work, by giving us a live insight into the world of receptionist Holly Denham by having access to her email account. The site would be updated at various points throughout the day with emails from her work colleagues, family and friends.

The book Holly’s Inbox, is the complete set of all the emails sent and received over a five month period. It’s light-hearted, funny and emotional with a whole story with twists, turns and excitement all without the need for chapters and prologues.

So easy to read, you can catch a few snippets before bed, on the train or while the dinner is cooking…. the busy girl’s dream book! That’s if you don’t get hooked and can’t put it down as it’s a true page turner! With an array of “laugh out loud moments”, tears and love, Holly’s Inbox is the perfect chick-lit for those with a busy schedule.

We join the world through the eyes of Miss Denham when she starts a new job as a receptionast in a large London bank. Over the next few months you witness Holly fall in love, twice, have her heart broken, fall out with her work colleague and row continually with her interfering mother! Holly has something in the past to face up to and we see her do just that, through tears and smiles.

A must-read for all young women, Girlie Gossip gives Holly’s Inbox 4 (…and a half) stars out of 5!

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  • I have been to the holly’s inbox site a while back but never found time to have a proper read, having it all in book format is a great idea, I think this is one im going to be buying! Thanks Ali

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