Book Review: The Grave Tattoo, By Val McDermid


The Grave Tattoo is McDermid at her best.

Emotional, thrilling and intense all at the same time with swirls of mystery, crime, murder and excitement McDermid takes the reader on a rollercoaster journery with the main character Jane Gresham to locate a lost masterpiece.

Jane, a Wordsworth scholar finds herself mixed up in passionate race to locate an ancient lost document following the discovery of an old body preserved in a peat bog.

The tattoos on his body indicate he may once spent time at sea and speculation surrounds his identity. Jane is on a mission to link the body to her search for a lost Wordsworth master piece with her search taking her away from the smog of London, back to her country home of The Lake District.

McDermid uses a Cumbrian myth and rumour to create an epic novel of hope, imagination, murder and mystery with careful consideration for both the characters and reader alike.

As the tale unfolds, McDermid enthrals you in the twists and turns of Jane’s emotions and takes the reader on a journey from town to country with the added bonus of a London gangster, teenager on the run from the law, and an unlikely romance creating an exciting and thrilling climax with an ending perfectly formed for such an exhilarating read.

The ideal book for those passionate about The Lakes, Wordsworths or Crime & Mystery novels. It really has something for everyone……… and excellent all round read.

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