Brave – The Videogame – Review

Movie tie in games are not always the best and tend to find their way into the bargain bin at your local gaming emporium, faster than the batteries running out on your controller, so you can imagine my mind set when Brave – Disney’s new Pixar movie tie in game hit the mat.

Gladly in this one occasion I was wrong; the game has been developed by Behaviour Interactive the team behind the amazing free game “Doritos Crash Course” and they have done a great job on this movie tie in, making it fun and enjoyable for kids and adults alike.

The game, unsurprisingly is based on Disney Pixar’s Brave and where many games offer either a totally different tale from the film or a retelling of the movie in game form, Behaviour have found a nice mix, which gives the game a similar feel to the movie without simply copying the whole thing.

Brave is at its core a linear platform/combat game with the main protagonist “Merida” gifted with a sword and of course her bow, her sword is used mainly to chop down vegetation to collect coins which are used to upgrade your skills, whereas her specialty is her Bow which is utilised by pushing the right analog stick in various directions to shoot an infinite quantity of arrows at the bad guys (for retro gamers the best way I can describe this is very much like “Smash TV”).

Co-Op – this game features a neat co-op mode if you have more than one kid in the household, it allows another player to play as a wisp. The wisp is more of a helpful character and would suit a younger child who wants to be involved, or maybe a parent who wants to assist should their child become stuck in the game.

Kinect – Brave also features a nice Kinect mode which enables the player to take on Merida’s bow and do three mini games, which if you don’t have a Kinect the game will still be good fun for your little ones.

Overall – Brave is a good movie tie in, and at the right price will be a great little game for your kids to play, that said it is a little short and only took around four hours to complete from start to finish.

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