Breathe Easy with Lycogel®


Lycogel® (£49.50) is the first and only completely breathable multi tasking anti-aging makeup that allows your skin to breathe 24/7.  With its patented gel mesh “second skin” technology Lycogel®  is light to the touch, lasts all day, won’t rub off and provides SPF30 protection.

Lycogel® was formulated to be the first post-operative camouflage that can be applied to the skin immediately following most cosmetic procedures, providing natural colour, cover and protection while supporting the skin’s ability to repair and renew itself.   Unlike mineral make up and tradtional cosmetics, Lycogel® provides a patented gel mesh that mimics the structure of the skin and allows it to breathe and function as if you weren’t wearing any make up at all.  Therapeutically the el mesh faciliates the delivery of the cutting edge LYCO™ complex which boosts oxygenation and delivers a multitude of powerful active anti aging properties which soothe, protect and heal the skin.

Lycogel® is a wearable, everyday foundation & concealer in a wide range of versaitle shades for all skin types. Because of its second skin technology, it feels light to the touch, even when layered for superiror coverage. It lasts all day and wont transfer on your clothes and with the broad spectrum SPF30 it gives year round protection against sun damge and environmental ageing.

Now wherever you go you need just one product to support your skin; multi-tasking Lycogel®!

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What Girlie Gossip Thought…

Having sensitive skin means that I have to keep it protected and yet still be able to wear makeup to get a healthy looking complexion. For a while now I’ve been searching for something that not only covers up blemishes and imperfections but protects from the sun, and with Lycogel I’ve found a product that suits my skin perfectly.

I have been using ‘Breathable Camouflage’ in shade Crème as I’m quite fair skinned and have been finding that it works a treat! It is easy to apply and works best when you add a small amount to the back of your hand and apply gently with your fingertips until you have even, flawless coverage.

It is waterproof, light and incredibly long lasting and it is officially our new favourite makeup product of the Summer!

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