Brits get Steamy with Shared Showers!

New research reveals that three quarters (76 per cent) of Brits have shared a shower with their other half, with a fifth (19 per...

New research reveals that three quarters (76 per cent) of Brits have shared a shower with their other half, with a fifth (19 per cent) revealing they shower with their partner at least once in an average week.

The study by Radox Shower Gel polled men and women across the nation and found that Brits are at their steamiest when on holiday with a quarter (24 per cent) of people sharing a shower with their partner every day. The research also showed that in an average week Saturday is voted as the best day to share a shower (48 per cent), with 10.30am being selected as the most popular time (28 per cent).

Over half of Brits (61 per cent) polled said that they felt sharing a shower was romantic, although a fifth of Brits (20 per cent) admitted to feeling uncomfortable with the idea due to body hang ups. A third (34 per cent) agreed that they often think about their relationship in the shower and a further 24 per cent revealed they have dreamt about sharing a shower with a celebrity.

Model Kelly Brook tops the British celebrity female shower partner poll, while footballer ace David Beckham scores top of the male wish list. The X factor judges featured highly with Tulisa in fifth place and her predecessor Cheryl Cole coming second with 13 per cent, whilst Gary Barlow came out fourth in the male poll. Surprisingly Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe also scored high on the top shower sharing list at fifth place with 7 per cent of votes. Those not so popular in the shower stakes included Amy Childs with just 2 per cent of the vote and Wayne Rooney with 1 per cent.

Top five female shower partners:
1. Kelly Brook (16 per cent)
2. Cheryl Cole (13 per cent)
3. Holly Willoughby (13 per cent)
4. Keira Knightley (10 per cent)
5. Tulisa Contostavlos (7 per cent)

Top five male shower partners:
1. David Beckham (24 per cent)
2. Prince Harry (10 per cent)
3. Robert Pattinson (10 per cent)
4. Gary Barlow (9 per cent)
5. Daniel Radcliffe (7 per cent)
Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) admitted they would prefer to shower with their celebrity crush than their own partner. A third of people (31 per cent) believe they tend to lose their inhibitions in the shower, and three quarters of people (76 per cent) feel invigorated after a shower.

However the research also showed the shower is a time for thinking with 40 per cent of people admitting to running through their daily to do list in the shower and half (50 per cent) stating that the shower is the best place to think as there are no real distractions. Over a quarter (28 per cent) of those polled revealed they have their best and most creative ideas whilst in the shower.

Marketing Manager at Radox Nick Wilcher comments, “Our research shows that we are a nation of steamy showerers and that sharing a shower with your partner is a great way to come to life in the morning. Radox shower gels with their specially blended natural ingredients and feel good fragrances are the ultimate wake-up call to help sleepy Brits kick-start their day.

Research conducted by independent research company Fly Research between the 17th to 20th of July 2012.

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