Brown Cow Chocolate


Heaven in a bottle…… this new Vodka & Chocolate shake has to be the best drink currently on the market for us girlies!

It combines the best parts of a delicious milkshake with a hint of vodka to give it that extra twist, ready for a girls night out, or in!

What’s more, this yummy drink is not only made with REAL chocolate, but it contains less than 3% fat! What more can we ask for.

All you need to do is stick it in the fridge for a few hours, give it a good shake and enjoy!

The perfect girlie drink…….. much nicer and more interesting than our commonly favoured alco-pops.

Tried and tested by members of the girlie gossip team, we think this is the ultimate chocoholics alcoholic beverage! It replaces the old fashioned baileys or even pina colada as a girls top drink for a night out on the tiles!

Having a had a few sips, and getting into the whole “Brown Cow” mindset, we noticed that they have a website: ……………. and headed off to have a snoop around!

With loads of info about the drink, great sound effects and cool looking graphics, we were right at home! Then we came across the ultimate feature…….. The Brown Cow Curling Game!

This is so much fun you could literally play it for hours & hours, whilst drinking another delicious chocolatey vodka drink!

So all in all this new delicious drink has been a absolute hit here at Girlie Gossip and we hope it stays on the supermarket shelves for many years to come!

(Girlie Gossip encourage people to enjoy alcohol responsibly and to never drink under age.)

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