Cadbury Dairy Milk unveils a yummy invention which heralds a new dawn for hot chocolate lovers: Hot Choc Chunks. The chunks of real chocolate melt into milk to make a smooth delicious creamy treat as an alternative to traditional powder.

When asked to put the fun back into making hot chocolate, the experts at Cadbury Dairy Milk came up with the inventive recipe for those looking to have some fun while indulging their taste buds. The combination of stirring a real chocolate chunk into hot milk is the perfect complement to a relaxing moment.  Just remember the chunk is for drinking, not eating!

The first of its kind for Cadbury, Hot Choc Chunk was two years in the making. A total of 20 experts were involved in the developmental process. When asked to come up with a scrumptious drink, the experts usually tasked with creating yummy new Cadbury chocolate bars immediately thought that melting a whole Cadbury Dairy Milk Hot Choc Chunk would make the ultimate hot chocolate. Seven different sized chunks were tried and tested until they reached chocolate heaven in a mug for people to wrap their hands and hearts around.

Combining the irresistible flavour of Cadbury Dairy Milk with a fun and novel preparation method was a crucial part of the development – drawing on the knowledge and expertise which comes with 103 years of chocolate making experience.

Dave Fackrell, Chocolate Innovator for Cadbury Dairy Milk said “Everyone loves the smooth, creamy texture of Cadbury Dairy Milk so we’re sure our latest invention will go down a treat!  We just hope people will be patient and won’t gobble the chunk up while they wait for it to melt…!”

Cadbury Dairy Milk Hot Choc Chunks (£2.79 RRP 250g) will be on shelves from the beginning of February 2009.

What Girlie Gossip Thought…

These fab Cadbury Dairy Milk Hot Choc Chunks are great for kids, and big kids like ourselves! With all the delicious taste of a cadbury’s chocolate bar, they make hot chocolate ‘fun’ and for some reason they seem even more tasty than your regular powdered hot chocolate! Yummy hot chocolate drink treats that won’t last long in your cupboard if your anything like us!

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