CBD Oil Products are becoming a whole trend recently and more and more people are buying into the hype. But are they all genuine? Or have scammers found a new way to make you part with your hard-earned cash?

What is CBD oil?

CBD also is known as Cannabidiol. The oil is a product derived from cannabis. CBD is a type of cannabinoid. There are many cannabinoid chemicals naturally found in marijuana plants.

Is It Legal?

Even though it comes from marijuana plants, it’s not what most people think.  CBD does NOT create a “high” effect or any form of intoxication and it won’t show up on any drug tests. CBD Oil is 100% legal. THC, on the other hand, is still illegal in the U.K

Read This BEFORE You Buy CBD Oil Products


This is the most important bit! So many people and companies are using the CBD Oil hype as a money-making scheme and they couldn’t care less if the product helps you or not as long as you’re paying them. They will claim that their product will help with pain, anxiety and many other ailments.

That’s not to say that CBD doesn’t help many ailments, because in my personal opinion and experience, it has helped me massively with anxiety and there are stories everywhere of how it has helped numerous people across the globe.

FACT: We all have cannabinoid receptors! It’s now clear that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) evolved almost 600 million years ago. A lot of research has gone into how cannabinoids benefit our bodies. You can read more HERE.

The truth is, although CBD Oil has been extremely popular, and a lot of research has been done into how it works, UK companies are still not allowed to claim this is a medicine. This is why you will see in most places that CBD Oil is advertised as a food supplement.

IMPORTANT: When buying any CBD product, make sure the site you are buying for has LAB RESULTS this will assure you that the company is genuine and their products are legit. Anyone can put some random oil in a bottle and tell you whatever they like.

Read This BEFORE You Buy CBD Oil Products

Where Is The Best Place To Buy CBD Oil?

When you google the best places to buy CBD Oil, you will be instantly bombarded with ads from companies claiming to have the best products. The best thing you can do is look on Trustpilot and read what real people have said about the product, not what someone is saying to try and sell you something that might not be any good.

If you see a company selling CBD products cheap, this is a huge red flag. When buying genuine CBD products, you do have to spend more. This is because the real thing is not cheap to make so if you get a pop up of a 500ml bottle for £2.50, I can promise you it’s not the real deal!

Remember that most genuine CBD oil and such will always contain a trace amount of THC. This is nowhere near enough to get you “HIGH” and is always under the legal limit. Research has shown that when pairing a small amount of THC with CBD, it can maximise the benefits of the CBD. Also, Be sure to ALWAYS look for lab results too!

Love CBD Owner Dan Gives Us The Facts

We spoke to Dan, one of the owners of LOVECBD.ORG who gave us the following comment:

“Companies selling CBD products but not testing them is something we would deem
to be irresponsible.

Given that isolated CBD (pure CBD powder) can not be sold at present
in the UK, that means we have to use hemp extracts as sources of CBD –
and those extracts will nearly always contain some THC. Therefore,
testing becomes essential to determine the legality of the extract. We
consider 0.05% THC the UK limit – this has been determined by our
lawyers and the trade association we belong to, as this is the amount
that in food law is considered a “contaminant” as opposed to an
ingredient. The alcohol industry uses the same measure to determine
“alcohol-free beer”.

This strict 0.05% limit requires us to test each individual extract we
buy from our supplier as well as testing the finished product before
it is sold. For companies to do neither of these things we find
bewildering, and suggests to us a recklessness which does harm to the
the industry as a whole.

In addition, we, of course, need to know that the CBD content is correct
and that the customer is getting what they pay for. As this comes from
a plant and can not be standardised, there are bound to be variations
between batches. This makes testing essential. To that end, we have
lab tests for each batch of our various products. You can find them
all here: https://www.lovecbd.org/lab-results/ Love CBD was voted one of the best CBD oils in the UK.”

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