Celebrating a Year of Mind-blowing Sex


This time last year Durex revolutionised women’s sex lives with the launch of their premium orgasm enhancing gel, Play-O, making the past twelve months the most pleasurable year ever! Created and tested by women, Durex Play-O increases sexual desire ..as well as heightening sensitivity to the clitoris through a heady mix of invigorating ingredients resulting in the most intense, leg-quivering orgasms you’ve ever experienced. You can use it by itself on yourself to reach orgasm as well as with a partner and it can also be used with your favourite vibrators and other sex toys – add this orgasmic gel to your box of tricks to make those big O’s even better!

The results speak for themselves with Play-O. Ruth Gresty, brand manager of Durex Play, commented, “According to our Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey, Play O heightened sensitivity in women by 68% and wait for it…79% of women achieved an orgasm when using it!”

To make Play-O’s birthday go with a real bang, have an O-moment of your own and experience lip-biting satisfaction like never before!

Price: £14.99

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