Children’s Party Fashion: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

They might only be children, but they know what they want. Nowadays, kids just want to be cool, so nothing has changed. Like when you went to school, like when everyone went to school for that matter, children love to copy other children’s ideas. It’s all about being part of the ‘in crew’. If you are ‘in’ you are cool, if you aren’t you are not. It’s pretty simple. It’s that simple that before long your child will be running p to you and telling you they want to put on the best, coolest party their school has ever seen! So you don’t look like a square, here are a few of the coolest party fashions around.

The Adicts Party

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  1. Themed Parties

Not like a little child’s dressing up party, no they are nothing like that. Essentially, they do dress up in fancy dress and roam around the house, tearing it to pieces. But what makes a themed party cool is that it isn’t childish. No, a themed party is very adult, and that is cool. There are no Supermans, Batmans or Spidermans to be seen anywhere. Instead there are little Roman emperors and historic gladiators fighting it out to the death. Okay, admit it that does sound pretty cool. You can theme the whole house in old age roman attire, dress up and fight to the death in the Coliseum, or the living room as yo normally call it.

  1. Rock N Roll

Kids love to pretend that they are famous musicians and rock and roll has never gone out of style; it is timeless. So, merge the two together and you get the coolest party on the planet. Again the kids can dress up as their favourite rock stars, or what they consider rock stars, and you can even build a stage out the back for them to ‘party’ and ‘rock out’. Rad man!

  1. Jumping Castle

Like the yoyo, the jumping castle has come back into fashion over the years. It has had some stick, but even children cannot deny that jumping around and wrestling on a bouncy castle is about the most fun you could ever have. After all, they are still kids no matter how much they try not to be. It doesn’t matter whether you need to hire a jumping castle on the sunshine coast or in a little town in the English countryside, it will still be massive hit.


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  1. Candy Land

It will come back to haunt you, both with the health of your kid’s teeth and the fact that they will be bouncing off the walls, but a candy land theme is hard to beat. Try to be as creative as you can and build everything out of candy. For example, you can create an obstacle course made from candy canes and a ball pool of gobstoppers. Just don’t let them throw them around! Your house could be like the world of Willy Wonka. Without a doubt one of the best presents they ever receive.

What child is not going to like any of these ideas? It will be a special day for a special occasion.

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