☆.. For the MUSIC LOVER ..☆

This Bluetooth Capsule Pill Speaker by Intempo is the perfect Christmas gift for the music lover. It has colour changing LED lights and is the perfect size for home and travel. I like to use mine when I am in the garden or chilling in the bath.

It has two speakers, an SD card input and an easy to use control panel, as well as superior stereo sound for great quality music. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect it to an MP3 player, smartphone and tablet and you can even use it to make hands free calls with the inbuilt microphone. The USB rechargeable battery gives the speaker two hours of wireless play time. This is a really affordable gift that would make a great stocking filler or secret Santa gift too. 


☆.. For the BEAUTY LOVER ..☆

These makeup brushes by EcoTools are the perfect gift for the makeup lover. Ecotools have a number of different gift sets to choose from. There is something for your stocking, for secret Santa, or simply something to treat yourself too.

Our favourite is the Highlight & Glow Brush set which comes with its own travel-friendly storage tube. The set has 6 limited edition face and eye brushes with a stunning gold finish. You get a finishing brush, a setting brush, a spoolie, an angled crease brush, a flat eyeliner brush, and an eye/lip blur brush. Ecotools are a cruelty-free and tree-free brand who make a conscious effort to use recycled materials too, which we think is fab!


☆.. For the CHOCOLATE LOVER ..☆

Who doesn’t love to get chocolate for Christmas? Chocolate can be the perfect gift for so many different people, whether it’s your Nan and Granpa, brother in law, or the girl at the office whose name you pulled out of the Secret Santa hat. So we have included not one, but two delicious options that we think are just perfect.


Paxton chocolates are handmade in small batches right here in the UK in Sunny Brighton. The ‘Signature Thins’ are our faves and they come in a choice of small or large sizes. We say get both! The thins are made with Belgium chocolate and infused with beautiful flavours these are the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. Far more interesting than a regular old chocolate bar. Our favourites were the Milk Chocolate, Chestnut and Vanilla and the Dark Chocolate and Candied Chilli.



Choc on choc make delicious gourmet chocolates and are again based in the UK, in beautiful Bath. They pride themselves on the superb high quality of their Belgian chocolate and the way they have taken a fantastic product and handcrafted it into something original.

We are MASSIVE fans of their chocolate mince pies. Yes, you heard that correctly! Chocolate mince pies. Just when you though mince pies couldn’t get any better, they made them out of chocolate. It is a milk chocolate pie filled with a decadent caramel centre. You could even leave this one out for Santa… just kidding!


☆.. For the KID AT HEART ..☆

So, we defy anyone to not get excited about this! Kinder is ready and waiting to help parents create magical family moments with its delicious range of Christmas confectionery – guaranteed to spread a little joy this festive season. We have only one thing to say… GIANT KINDER EGGS!

The Giant Kinder Eggs are exactly the same as regular kinder eggs, only five times the size. So not only do you get way more delicious chocolate but a bigger sized toy too! These kinder eggs are the ultimate stocking gift and are sure to be a hit with children and adults alike.

Kinder also has a cool new letter to Santa kit which includes chocolate, an envelope, letter, activity sheet and stickers. Simply pop the letter in the post with a stamped envelope and receive a letter in return from Santa himself.


☆.. For the GROOMER ..☆

You can never go far wrong with smellies or gifting everyday essential items. They are always going to be things people need and use and they will be grateful for them. So again, we wanted to tell you about two products we have been loving.

… FFS shaving …

FFS (Friction Free Shaving) is the perfect Christmas gift. Small enough to fit in a stocking and it is the gift that keeps on giving. Friction Free Shaving is the first razor delivery service designed exclusively for women, essentially a subscription service which delivers fresh blades every month. Prices start from as little as £5 per month so you could gift a set number of months and then they can choose whether or not they wish to continue themselves.

There are two “shaviours” to choose from and I have been using Ruby, the world’s first metal razor designed especially for women. She has a lubricating Vitamin E strip and 6 stainless steel blades, which are diamond coated to help her glide across skin effortlessly. The weighted handle makes this razor super comfortable to use and the rose gold finish is just lush! She is chrome plated too, to prevent any rusting.


… Hair Burst …

“Hairburst” shampoo and conditioner is perfect for someone who wants to grow their hair out. The shampoo and conditioner, when used together, will help you on your way to longer, stronger, more radiant hair. There are lots of benefits to using this product, including a boost in hair growth for maximum length in minimal time; less hair breakage; and thicker and stronger hair. It is SLS and Paraben Free too.

The shampoo and conditioner are suitable for any hair type and is coconut and avocado scented but the scent it leaves on the hair is a simple fresh fragrance. My hair always feels really clean after using these products and it doesn’t weigh my hair down or leave a lot of residue. I can’t vouch for my hair growing more quickly as I have not used the product for a significant lenght of time but it certainly feels much thicker and more voluminous.


☆.. For the ANIMAL LOVER ..☆

This stunning rose gold elephant ring holder is not only the perfect gift for animal lovers but jewellery lovers too. Though I would go as far as to say this item doubles up as a decorative piece too, beautiful and practical. The elephant has a raised trunk creating the perfect place to store your rings safely. Made from warm, glowing rose gold, reminiscent of rosy African dawn and elephants this little elephant will bring joy to whoever the giftee may be.

 Owning an elephant ornament is often thought to bring good luck to the home. Feng Shui practitioners also believe that when an elephant statue is in the home it should have its trunk facing upwards to represent good luck, success and prosperity. This item is incredibly affordable and would make a wonderful stocking filler or even a gift for your bestie. It comes in a sweet little box too.


☆.. For the MEMORY MAKER ..☆

This Hangit Photo Display is the perfect gift for people who love to take photos or who like to get creative. The simple design is pretty and understated so the focus will be on your photographs, memories or whatever display you choose to make. The display contains five rows of ‘clothes lines’ enclosed in a natural wood frame. Pegging your photos, mementoes and quotes from these lines using the forty wooden clips included will create the effect of a waterfall of memories.

This display is so much more versatile than your standard photo frame. You can make changes really easily and you could easily use this to create mood boards or to even organise your days.  It has a classic wooden finish so it will fit in with most colour schemes and create a fun and quirky focal point. The display would also make a fantastic gift for family or friends! Fill it with a couple of their favourite pictures to start them off?



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