Whilst tuning into Loose Women this afternoon I was treated to a rare and spectacular bit of television that had me in absolute hysterics! Whilst talking about interviewing celbrities on the red carpet Joan Rivers (thinking that the show was pre recorded) launched an explosive foul mouthed attack on actor Russell Crowe that she then told the producers to ‘bleep out’ (which of course they couldn’t!!) I’m not going to repeat what she said, but the actor has always had a reputation for being very ‘difficult’ so to hear her just be completely open and air her views was a truly classic piece of TV. I don’t know who was more shocked, the presenters, the studio audience or us at home!! Well done Joan, next time watch your language on live TV though! lol.

As an update, the presenters have just issued an apology for the language and Joan Rivers hasn’t returned for the second half of the show! Eeeek!

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  • Obviously there is an amusing side to this however I am sure the parents of children watching perhaps missed that!!! As many guests on the show have said they are told to watch what they say before they go on because it is a live show I find Ms. River contention that she wasn’t a little hard to believe. She is world reknown for her mouth so I am sure they would have taken particular pains to tell her.

  • Well at least she’s not telling Crowe he should DIE, like she told Mel Gibson last year when he accused jews of “starting wars” to a police officier. Maybe a verbal indictment of Mel’s lineage would have been a more balanced response than suggesting someone kill him? Joan Rivers is venomous, abrasive artifact and we’d all be better off if she never did anything on TV again.

  • Ms Rivers has had an unexplained hatred for Russell Crowe for years. In one interview, Nr Crowe stated that he didn’t understand why as the closest they had ever been to each other was oppostire ends of a corridor.

    Maybe she’s upset because he’s never fallen over himself trying to get in line for her to interview him on the red carpet, or maybe she fancies him and is angry that he won’t give her the time of day.

  • Proving once again that Ms. Rivers has not even the tiniest fraction of Russell Crowe’s class or talent. If you’re looking for an appropriate target for your foul mouth, Joan, look in the mirror.

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