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‘Everdine’ make clean eating easy, by delivering delicious clean meals straight to your home or office. Clean eating is – in a nutshell – is about eating whole foods, or “real” foods — those that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible.

There are so many benefits to eating clean. It can improve sleep; improve mood; improve skin; it can help you lead a more balanced lifestyle and be lighter on your wallet. Everdine recognises the importance of this and has developed a simple way for you to eat clean in the easiest way. So, there really are no excuses!

Everdine also work really hard to make sure as much of their packaging as possible is recyclable (approx. 95 percent is), biodegradable, and made from recycled materials wherever possible.

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My order arrived on time and communication between myself and Everdine was great – I always appreciate fantastic customer service! The website is really simple to use and you can choose the meals you would like, or take them up on the suggestions that are available. There are veggie and classic options, or you can combine the two.

When the box arrived I noticed that it was filled with ice packs to ensure my food was kept frozen. So all I had to do was unpack my box and pop my meals in the freezer. All of the meals I choose I could microwave from frozen and the packaging is all microwave safe too. I really appreciated the simplicity of it, as when you are busy it can be difficult to grab yourself a healthy, nutrient dense lunch. I chose to transfer my meals to a plate, but you could eat them straight from the box they come in making them perfect to take to work with you.

The packaging of the meals themselves was sturdy, practical and really cute. All of the relevant information is on the outer sleeve, cook time, storage information and suggestions etc,  and the little patterns are adorable. In fact, I really enjoyed the branding as a whole! It was really simple but on-trend too.

The thing that stood out to me the most, however, was how colourful the meals were. Usually, I am reluctant to eat ‘healthy meals!’ I am that person looking glum over my salad, but these meals looked incredible! People were looking at my plate in envy.


◂◂ MY MENU ▸▸

・・ Vegetable Gyoza with Miso Broth ・・

▹▹ Cook time: 8 Mins

A Japanese broth dish that proves how delicious healthy vegetarian food can be healthy vegetarian food can be.

This dish is the perfect choice for a light lunch! It tastes fantastic and there is a little spice to the broth too. The shitake mushrooms really made the dish.

・・ Speckled Lentil Chilli with Parisienne Potatoes ・・

▹▹ Cook time: 9 Mins

A Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne which came about due to the popularity of the meat chilli which is part of the Everdine classic range.

The potatoes and vegetables in this dish were wonderful and the sauce was fantastic. It was loaded with sweetcorn which added colour and a little crunch to the dish.

・・Smoky Chicken Fajitas ・・

▹▹ Cook time: 8 Mins

This dish is filled with protein and carbs low on the glycemic index. This clean chicken, Bulgar wheat and vegetable dish is a light and delightful treat.

I really enjoyed the smoked flavours of this dish and I was impressed with the quality of the chicken. I did struggle to separate the tortillas when it was frozen though. So, if I had this dish again I would defrost it beforehand

・・ Rainbow Vegetable Pad Thai

▹▹ Cook time: 7  Mins

This dish is an extremely nutrient dense bowl of umami-flavoured veggie noodles. A vegetarian delight!

This dish was so beautiful to look at and it was packed full of delicious vegetables. The sauce was delicious and the peanuts that were sprinkled on top added a really interesting texture.

・・ Pulled Beef Ragu Spaghetti ・・

▹▹ Cook time: 7  Mins

with rich nutrients, this well-balanced meal is a satisfying combination of colourful vegetables, tender pulled beef and whole grain pasta.

I am a huge fan of anything tomato based and pasta so I knew I was going to enjoy this one. The beef was delicious, there was lots of it and it was great quality.

・・ King Prawn Miso Ramen ・・

▹▹ Cook Time: 9 Mins 

Soba noodles, miso and spiralized veggies are true health champions. This dish is absolutely packed with flavour.

The broth is delicious and the prawns were really nice quality too. I am the biggest fan of mushrooms so those were my favourite part of this dish. 

・・ Cherry & Hoisin Duck with Wilted Greens ・・

▹▹ Cook Time: 10 Mins 

This dish is a carefully balanced ensemble of tender duck breast and delightfully fresh greens with mouthwatering sweet and savoury flavours.

I was so impressed with this dish! It looked amazing in the packet and it tasted fantastic. The duck was delicious and there was so much of it! The greens divine and the sauce topped the whole thing off rather nicely.

・・ Cajun Blackened Salmon ・・

▹▹ Cook time: 10 Mins

A flavourful blend of creamy textures and spice. A dish that is jam packed with nutrients and healthy omega 3 and omega 6 oils.

This meal looked incredible! The colours were so vibrant so I was excited to try it. The salmon was fantastic quality and the cajun spice complimented the fish wonderfully. This dish was definitely one of my favourites. Superb!

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*Please note that we were invited by a company called Tornado to test Everdine’s service and give our honest review.

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