Common Relationship Killers You Should Watch Out For!

Relationships can be a positive part of your life when they’re with the right person. Not only do they create the opportunity for you to experience what it’s like to have a partner. But they’re also an opportunity to grow, learn and give love. Everyone’s relationship is different. So there is no one size fits all regarding what it takes to make a relationship work. There are, however, common denominators which can either encourage or stunt the growth and longevity of your relationship. If your goal is to ensure your relationship works. Here are three common relationship killers that you may want to consider avoiding in your current or future relationship.

| Lack of Intimacy |

Intimacy in a relationship can come in many forms. It can be mentally through stimulating conversations. Emotionally through the sharing of love and emotions, and physically through body contact and intercourse. Sexual and emotional intimacy, however, are some of the things that separate your relationship from every other one you have in your life. You should, therefore try your best to set aside time to spend being intimate with your partner. Have open conversations about your sex life and how you can meet each other’s needs. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your sex life, then perhaps suggest Bathmate Direct as an effective solution. If you do decide to try this as an alternative, click for more information and discuss it with your partner. Whatever you do, try and keep the intimacy alive as the lack thereof can be a major relationship killer.

| Lack of Quality Time |

Spending quality time with your significant other can be like the glue that holds your relationship together. Whether it happens to be cooking a meal together, going out for a game of bowling, or watching an action film. The exclusive time where its just the two of you can have a positive impact on your relationship. It can be easy to find yourself busy with work, family, and friends as well as other commitments and begin to take your spouse for granted. However, you should try your best to put your partner at the top of your priority list irrespective of your other commitments. Although this may be easier said than done as life is full of demands and distractions, a lack of quality time can cause you and your partner to drift apart.

| Cheating |

It is no surprise that cheating can be a deal breaker in relationships. It causes damage that is sometimes irreparable as well as puts a dent in the trust. There are many myths about cheating, however, the reality is often times people don’t have a reason for doing so. Apparently, only a handful of the 78 percent of men who had cheated on their partners did so because they felt they had come to the end of their relationship. This means that people don’t always cheat because they’ve fallen out of love and there could be other reasons.

Try and keep a line of open communication between yourself and your partner, so that you’re aware of any areas in which their needs aren’t being met. By doing this, you play your role in keeping your partner happy which could help prevent cheating, but of course what you do or don’t do isn’t an excuse for it.

Remaining happy in a relationship takes time, patience and understanding. Seeing as a relationship consists of two imperfect people, it will also require a great deal of forgiveness to keep the relationship going. In addition to these things, by avoiding common pitfalls in relationships, you can give yourselves a better chance at lasting longer in love.

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