Corsets Are Back!

I don’t think they ever really went away in fairness but this month corsets are definitely back with a vengeance. We’re loving sexy wait...

I don’t think they ever really went away in fairness but this month corsets are definitely back with a vengeance. We’re loving sexy wait cinching under bust corsets and the sleek silhouette created by various different styles. Keep reading to see a few of our personal favourites!

Waist Cinching Satin Under The Bust Black Trixi Corset

The Trixi under the bust corset is designed to give you an hourglass waist and is a good choice for those new to corset wearing.

This can be worn as a corset top over a shirt as illustrated by both Madonna, Victoria Beckham and a collection of WAG’s. Or under a pencil skirt for a wasp waist or under a dress to give the wearer more control over the midriff. Due to it’s multipurpose nature it is an ideal buy for someone who has not worn a corset before.

This corset has 12 steel bones and a steel busk. It also features a lace up back, with a modesty panel. This corset has a total of 3 layers for strength with the inside layer of this corset in cotton for comfort.

This item is available up to a dress size 30 which is 42″.

Dita Corset In Pink Duchess Satin

Made from heavy weight duchess satin and lined on the inside with cotton, this Dita corset is a beautifully versatile corset. The pink colour makes it idea for summer which combined with our high quality construction helps create a wonderfully seductive corset.

As with our Dita line of corsets, this piece has been specially designed to be longer in body and cover any unsightly bulges in the hip area. By providing a little more coverage in the bust area and reducing the wearer’s waist size by 2 to 4 inches, the corset creates a very curvy shape throughout.

Steel bones are combined with the steel busk in such a way as to flatter the silhouette of the wearer. Cinching of the waist along with accentuating of the breasts and hips creates the highly sought after hour-glass figure.

– Heavy Weight Duchess Satin Cloth (Made In Wales)
– Specialist Cotton Lining
– Reinforced With 12 Steel Bones
– Visible Steel Busk (Closure)
– 12″ Busk
– Corset Length At Busk 13″
– Modesty Panel
– Lace-Up Back
– 3 Layers Of Cloth For Comfort & Strength
– Hand Made By One Qualified Corsetiere

Please note, plastic bones if used in corset construction will either warp or snap after a short period of time, thereby becoming uncomfortable for the wearer. Nor do they have the ability to flatter a silhouette the way our steel boned corsets can. Our corsets are constructed with steel bones and steel busks along with the finest of fabrics to create superior quality corsets.

This item is available up to a dress size 24 which is 36″.

Pair any great corset with a fab Bolero if you’re a bit self conscious of your arms!

The bolero is a glamorous cover up when wearing overbust corsets. It covers the top of the corset at the back for those who are concerned about back squidge or underarm squidge and covers the front half of the cups if you’re feeling a little exposed. It also features a hook on the inside should you want to close the front for extra coverage and is made from our luxury duchess satin.

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