Couple Sell House in Online Raffle

Have you ever dreamed of owning a £1 million property in Devon? Well Brian Wilshaw aged 64 and his wife Wendy are giving people the chance to do just that by offering up their own house in a huge online raffle. Basically to be in with a chance of winning this house which has an amazing 5 bedrooms with four two-bedroom holiday lodges, 9.5 acres of woodland and a two-acre fishing lake you just need to enter a simple question on the website. You then pay a £25 entry fee (kind of like buying your tickets) and you are in with a chance of winning the lot! Keep reading for the full story …

When there have been 46,000 entries a winner will be chosen and the house will be theirs! I must admit, it sounds almost too good to be true at first glance doesn’t it, but I’ve had a look around their website and they say the following:

“We are Brian and Wendy Wilshaw, we have owned this fabulous place for about 13 years and live here with our son.  We took great pleasure in running Oldborough Fishing Retreat as a holiday complex for about 10 years, but now it’s time for us to retire and downsize to a village nearby.
We have decided to sell our house by competition firstly because we love the thought of someone have the life changing opportunity of winning this unique house and lake, and secondly it gets us out of the hassle of the property market with broken chains and viewings etc. So many of our guests and friends have said, “when I win the lottery I’m coming back for this place! – so, we thought this would be a fun way to make that happen for someone.”

There’s no denying that this property is absolutely stunning, with its rural setting and beautiful surroundings it would make a dream home for one lucky family!

So, would you pay £25 of your own cash to enter this, or do you think it’s too much of a gamble. Let us know in the reply box below!

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