Crown Paint Offers Top Tips on How to Improve Your Home

Recently I was persuaded to help my Mother redecorate her new house, and as we all know decorating can be alot of hassle. Fortunately we used Crown Paint in ‘Perfect Toast’ to kick things off in the hallway and I have to say things couldn’t have gone smoother! The paint we used was easy clean, Matt Emulsion and it went on with complete ease, drying quickly without much of an odour. The fact that it is easy clean is also great for when my 5 year old daughter visits nanny and ultimately ends up getting sticky handprints of some description on the walls as kids have a tendancy to do! Keep reading for some top tips from Crown Paint and Judy Smith on how your decorating experience can go as smoothly as ours!

Despite economic doom and gloom gripping the nation, with inflation, mortgage rates and the cost of living soaring, DIY favourite Crown Paint is predicting a Bank Holiday Boom, with paint sales expected to be amongst the highest of the year.

In light of the current economic instability, the country is becoming a nation of nesters. Faced with the prospect of being stuck on the property ladder people are showing their homes some TLC with a splash of colour from Crown Paint and with the Bank Holiday upon us, Crown is anticipating a rapid upsurge in DIY activity.

Crown Paint’s colour consultant Judy Smith offers the following top tips for all those looking to improve their homes with a splash of colour over the holiday weekend:

* If you worry about being too bold with colour, confine it to a small area of wall that can be easily, and even seasonally, repainted.

* Just one single vertical stripe of a strong tone running from ceiling to floor will add height and drama to a room.

* When using a really shocking colour on a wall it’s a good idea to keep the floor a natural wood or something like coir or sea grass as a calming foil to the bright walls.

* Use brilliant colour like Crown’s sunny yellow – Prairie Gold®  and their raspberry Lulu® colour in large floral or geometric stencils which can be in an alcove, over a whole wall or be contained within a panel or on a canvass.

* For an element of surprise, use a vivid tone – such as Hollywood® behind shelves or inside cupboards.

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