Crown’s Weapon of Mass Protection

Easyclean from Crown: Tough and Washable With Looks That Last

With the school holidays looming, now is the perfect time to fortify the family home. In the last few weeks before the kids mount a full-scale attack, households should strategically prepare the home with a splash of colour from Crown’s easyclean range of durable multi surface emulsions for walls, wood and metal. With a unique formulation that is tough and washable, easyclean really is the perfect way for families to child and pet proof their house in time for the summer holidays.

Designed for and inspired by busy families, the range boasts a selection of resilient and washable matt emulsions which are available in a variety of colours, from classic neutrals to vibrant bights. easyclean provides surfaces with a stylish and hard-wearing veneer from which unwelcome invaders like crayons, coffee, tea, wine and even curry can be effortlessly eliminated.

For those looking for an efficient way to protect all the home’s surfaces from grubby hand or paw prints after the kids and pets have spent all day frolicking in the garden, or to eradicate villainous crayon marks when the great British weather keeps them cooped up, Crown’s easyclean formulations are the answer. The nemesis of grime, easyclean provides all surfaces from the busiest hallway to the bedroom radiators with a long lasting protective force field worthy of a superhero.

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