Crystal Growing Kit From The Natural History Museum Shop

As it was Science week last week, we decided to do something fun with the kids.

The Natural History Museum has an online shop filled with educational, fun things to buy. So, we were sent the crystal growing kit to try out and when it showed up the kids couldn’t wait to get started. I explained to Chloe (9) and Connor (4) about all the different¬†minerals, gems and crystals.

Connor is very interested in dinosaurs so he was keen to learn about fossils and how crystals originate form in the Earth’s crust millions of years ago. We looked up on google, all of the different beautiful gems and crystals.

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The kit includes:

plastic container

crystal powder

stirring stick

crystal base


After following the simple instructions, we only had to wait around 24 hours before we started to see the crystals forming. Every morning, both children ran downstairs to check how much their crystals had grown. It was lovely to see the excitement in their faces and how proud they were.

Head over to to see what other amazing, fun, educational toys and games they have to offer!

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