Are you going on a date soon? No matter how many you’ve been on, it’s always an exciting occasion that calls for dressing up. Though it’s perfectly normal to be nervous, there really is no need: just be yourself and you’ll suddenly find yourself relaxing. Have a read through our guide for date night dos and dont’s for gorgeous girls.


Be confident and have faith in yourself

This might seem like the most difficult step of all, but it’s actually quite the opposite. The key to feeling in control from the start is to wear something you feel totally comfortable in – so don’t opt for a pair of heels you’ve never yet worn before or a shirt that looks lovely but feels constricting. Confidence shows and is attractive, and in order to feel that, you should prioritize feeling good over looking good. Which is not to say you shouldn’t make an effort; a touch of both things is what you want to aim for! Marie Claire has compiled a list of five tips to help you feel better about yourself, here.


Dress up but don’t overdo it

When it comes to what to wear and what look to go for, wear an outfit that reflects your style. Simply put on your favourite shoes and shirt, then mix-and-match those items with something new that will make you feel extra fabulous, such as these gorgeous coloured jeans that will go with pretty much any outfit; they are glamorous, but not over the top. The same goes for makeup: don’t wear more makeup than you would when going out with your friends.


Topics of conversation

It’s difficult to go too far wrong by having a chat about pop culture – who doesn’t have favourite movies, books and musicians? Likewise hobbies – what are yours and why? Topics to avoid on a first date include religion, politics, exes and money: it can be a turnoff when you disagree on one or more of those subjects when you don’t know each other well. But once you get to know each other, of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to bring these matters up.


Switch your telephone off

One of the top 21st century mistakes to make on a date is to text, tweet, or even make a call during your time together. It is something you should avoid at all costs. We know it can be difficult sometimes, but switch your phone off for once and give your full attention to your date. If you don’t do this, you may come across as uninterested (not to mention rude) and your date might get the impression that they’re boring you.

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