Deadly 60 Games and Trivia

If you are finding it hard to track down gift ideas to keep the kids entertained this Christmas then how about these fab Deadly 60 Games and trivia boxes? Educational AND fun!

What do a Hippotamus, Rock Python, Black Mamba, Baboon Spider and a Fat-Tailed Scorpion have in common? They all competed to make it onto Steve Backshall’s Deadly 60 list but do you remember who made the final cut? This year you can explore the amazing world of deadly creatures with three fun games based on the award winning Deadly 60 TV Series.

Deadly 60 Board Game

Pack your rucksack and get ready to join the Deadly 60 crew – it’s a race around the board tracking those Deadly animals. There’s plenty of danger along the way and you have to take risks to beat off your opponents. The first player to successfully track down three of the elusive Deadly 60 wins the game. (RRP £14.99)


Deadly 60 Ruckus Card Game

Ruckus is the quickest game around, no more boring turn taking, this game is the ultimate free for all. Games last between 4 seconds and 4 minutes. The idea is simple, with the cards in hand, lay down your pairs, triples, quads then look round at your opponents sets and see it match it steal it. Be first to get rid of all your cards. If you can’t go pick up another card, remember no turn taking so the quicker you are the more you will win. (RRP £4.99)


Deadly 60 Trivia Box

The Trivia Box is ideal for Boxing Day or that normally dull bit between Christmas and New Year. It’s a great ice-breaker for parties where relatives or friends don’t know each other – either divide them up and get the teams competing or play as individuals to really show your trivia knowledge. Each box contains 400 multiple choice brain teasers and players have to try their best to answer as many questions right in a knock out style quiz. The more trivia you know the further you progress until finally there’s just one winner – the true Trivia Champ! (RRP £7.99)


Deadly 60 games collection is a must-have for fans aged 8+ RRP from £4.99 to £14.99. Available from Amazon.

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