Derren Brown reveals first Event – he will predict the Lottery LIVE!


In a TV first it will be broadcast across the entire Channel 4 Network on 09.09.09

On Wednesday 9th September 2009, on Channel 4, psychological illusionist Derren Brown will broadcast live, from a secret location, to the nation his prediction of the Wednesday night LIVE Lottery draw. Up until now the first of The Events, his new series on Channel 4, has remained top secret.

Following the live prediction, Derren will tell C4 viewers on Friday 11th September at 9pm how he could have done it and how viewers at home could also do it.

In a television broadcast first, C4 will show the first event live across its entire network (excluding the +1 Channels). At 10.35pm on Wednesday 9th September, Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4 and 4Music will all screen The Event. will stream The Event at via MSN Messenger.

Derren Brown said: “I realise there are a lot of questions this brings up, and I hope they’ll be answered on the Friday night show. For now, I’m really excited and really nervous and cannot tell you for sure how well it will work. Some things just have to be tried.”

Derren Brown 3

Derren has spent the last year planning four highly complex ‘stunts’ in his most ambitions undertaking to date. Each event has an underlying theme: to trick, to win, to fool and, of course, to control. Derren will invite an audience to witness his unique skills and, in a first, viewers at home will be able to interact and participate in each event.

Previous Derren specials have seen him perform Russian Roulette live; apparently contact the dead in an interactive séance; convince members of the public to engage in a daylight robbery of an armoured security van; and teach a foolproof horse race gambling system.

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