Designer swimwear for boys and girls!

Kids summer swimwear

The good old British weather has warmed up just in time for the launch of Tres Flores – an independently owned swimwear and accessory retailer, designed and created by mum of four, Kelly Haswell.


Tres Flores is the only swimwear designer in the UK that offer matching collections to ensure brothers and sisters are looking smart and stylish when they hit the beach. Whether it’s the staple swimsuit, or the entire outfit, mums have the option to pick and mix, depending on what they need.


The designer, yet accessible collections have all been created with mums in mind, for all kids aged 1-10 years – boys and girls.


Kelly started Tres Flores after noticing the lack of stylish kids’ swimwear available to buy. After shopping around and finding beautiful, but expensive designer garments, Kelly decided to take the matter into her own hands by designing and manufacturing her own collections from scratch – Tres Flores was born!


All of the collections are made using the best, skin-friendly fabrics that are really made to measure up to the natural wear and tear of kids having fun.


Tres Flores believes that freedom, comfort and safety are paramount, followed closely by style and personality. The company prides itself on offering advice on everything from suitable sun creams, to washing and storage instructions to keep the products looking lovely, for longer.


With no previous design experience, Kelly gets her inspiration from every day life with her four girls and from speaking to other mums.


The children’s clothing market now has a huge amount of choice, however, swimwear is lagging behind. The ranges of swimwear currently available leave a lot to be desired in terms of style. The high end of the designer market is miles in front with their designs – but the price tag reflects that!


Speaking on the range, founder and owner of Tres Flores Kelly Haswell says: “I created Tres Flores out of sheer frustration, I found that the swimwear available for my children was either too expensive, poor quality or lacked in original designs. Also, when visiting the beach, on several occasions I spotted many identical swimsuits on children, which I had previously seen at high street stores and supermarkets.


“I get all of my design inspiration from speaking to parents and my everyday life as a mother, whether it’s a delicate fringe on a make-shift tepee at Nans, to what’s left after making strawberries and ice-cream for my girls, there’s inspiration all around.


Tres Flores swimwear, inspired by kids, designed by mums, is currently available exclusively online at and prices start range from £4.99-£36.99

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