Dexter TV Show Review Starring Michael C. Hall


How many of you have been watching Dexter on ITV? Most of you I would hope, because if not you are seriously missing out! Dexter Morgan works as a blood pattern analyst at the Miami Metro Police Department but harbours a dark secret that we as viewers become privy to. Dexter is a serial killer, but things are not exactly as you would expect…

Dexter lives his life by a set of rules governed to him by his stepfather, who upon finding out Dexter’s secret showed him how to survive without being caught and how to blend in with his surroundings as best as he possibly could. Teaching him that if he must kill, then to choose to hunt down criminals and murderers and people who “Deserved it”.

What we begin to see develop as a consequence of this is Dexter’s almost double life as he tries to hold down his job, his emotionally unstable girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz) and his relationship with his stepsister Deb who also works in the police force. To top it all off, Dex soon finds that a serial killer has taken a bizarre interest in him, and threatens to blow his secret life wide open!

The show is based on a novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay and premiered on October 1st 2006 in America. It can nopw be seen in the UK on the FX Channel or ITV.

What Girlie Gossip Think

We can’t get enough of Dexter here at Girlie Gossip! It’s one of the best shows around at the moment. Not only does it star the gorgeous Michael C. Hall as Dexter but also stars one of our favourite stars from back in the Buffy the Vampire and Angel days Julie Benz! Julie plays Rita, Dexter’s girlfriend and we love how her character is progressing. It’s hard to imagine yourself actually liking a serial killer when you first hear about this series, but right from the first episode we realise that Dexter isn’t like other killers, thanks to his stepfather Harry he also has a sense of humanity and loyalty which also often threaten to tear his two very different lifestyles apart.

Do not miss this show! It is well worth a watch. Series 1 absolutely blew us away and we are just about to start watching series 2 which is apparently even better than the first if rumours are to be believed! Feel free to comment and let us know what you think of Dexter and what keeps you watching.

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