Christmas is coming and for those of you who are looking to treat that special lady in your life (or to treat yourself!) here’s a look at some of the hottest diamond jewellery gifts online.

There are several different jewellery items which make great gifts for women. A few of our long term favourites are listed below. Don’t forget to tell us if we’re missed something that you’d love to get in your stocking this year!

1) Diamond Bracelet
2) Diamond Ring (yes guys, there are some great engagement rings to be found!)
3) Diamond Necklace
4) Diamond Pendant
5) Diamond Brooch

You can get a variety of different price ranges to suit every budget and can choose from white gold, silver, platinum and gold to name a few. Our top tips when choosing would be to really take a good look at what jewellery your intended giftee likes to wear already. For example some women prefer white gold, some yellow gold. Pick a metal that they already wear, most women have a particular favourite and buy items that match eachother.

You can also get a good idea of the style of jewellery she likes, simply by being observant. Take a look at the designs she wears, are they bold and chunky or delicate and simplistic? This will be a huge help when choosing a surprise jewellery gift that she will love.

Diamond Rings in the UK are a hugely popular Christmas gifting choice this year and whether you are looking to surprise a loved one with a festive proposal or wow them with a luxurious jewellery gift then the choices are endless.

Most women like to have at least one really ‘special’ item of jewellery, whether they wear it every day or keep it tucked away for a special occasion it is a pretty safe bet to say that whatever the girl and whatever her style, you are bound to find diamond jewellery brings a smile to her face!

Keep checking back for more festive gift themed articles here on Girlie Gossip and let us know what your favourite jewellery choices are in the comments box below. We would love to hear from you!

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