Though most people only think of smiles as an outward display of pleasure or happiness, they are actually incredibly helpful for ensuring you remain healthy on the inside. Though a smile won’t get you through every rough patch or illness, it can contribute to keeping you physically and emotionally strong in a number of ways.


Here we take a look at a few of the most important reasons you should keep on smiling.


1. Lower heart rate

Smiling is proven to lower the heart rate and relax the body, keeping everything ticking over as it should without working it too hard. This ensures that your heart remains healthy and lowers the chances of developing heart disease or complications due to poor blood pressure.

2. Lessen pain

Smiling and laughter are also a fantastic pain-relieving combination. This is due to the way in which smiling actually causes the body to release endorphins that naturally lift our moods and alleviate any pain or discomfort that’s being experienced.


There isn’t a natural painkiller that’s more readily available than a genuine smile, so let go and have a laugh!


3. Reduce stress


As medical professionals will tell you, stress accounts for a huge portion of the health complaints made by patients. benenden health can help members through its stress counseling helpline.

The same endorphins that help counteract pain also have an effect on stress, so smiles can help you find your way out of a nightmare situation, calm you down and reduce your chances of encountering stress-related health issues.


4. Look younger


Who doesn’t want to look younger? Smiles are a great way to naturally shed a few years as they lift the face, making it appear both smoother and younger. This combines well with the fact that a friendly and approachable exterior appears more youthful.


5. Increase attention span


When under pressure and stress, our attention span suffers and we find it difficult to focus and complete tasks. This is due to the way in which stress causes our ‘fight or flight’ mechanism to kick in, restricting our ability to concentrate on anything too complex.


Smiling can alleviate this pressure and stress, providing us with the opportunity to pay attention for much longer periods of time.

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