The Best Skincare Products for Dry, Red and Sensitive Skin

Skin Products for Dry, Red and Sensitive Skin

With so many skincare products on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is most suitable for you and your skin type. I have suffered from dry and sensitive skin my entire life. In my early 20s, I developed rosacea and it has come to be something which impacts on my life a great deal.

So, when I find products that help my skin, I want to shout it from the rooftop…


Cleanser (RRP: £12.99) & Calm (RRP: £16.50) & Night (RRP: £18.50)

BRYT Skincare uses “the best of science to get the best of nature.” Their products maximise suppleness and tone whilst maintaining a healthy complexion.

The foaming facial cleanser is a natural product that offers a deep cleanse, leaving your skin clean, fresh and supple. The Calm serum is suitable for combination to oily skin and aims to leave skin balanced and its natural equilibrium discovered. The BRYT night cream nourishes and nurtures skin whilst you sleep. The therapeutic qualities have a positive effect on dry skin prone to eczema and rosacea.

Paraben-Free  ★  Sulphate-Free  ☆  Vegan  ✮  Not Tested on Animals  ✯  No Silicones


Burt’s Bees

Moisturising Cream (RRP: £16.49) & Eye Cream (RRP: £16.49)

Burt’s Bees daily moisturising cream is for those of us with sensitive skin and it is proven to moisture skin all day without causing redness or irritation. The Burt’s Bees eye cream is also aimed at those of us with sensitive skin and it is used to moisturise the delicate eye area. Again, without causing any redness or irritation,

The products soften, calm and sooth irritated skin. The eye cream is also infused with White Genepi, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce any undereye puffiness. Both of these products are suitable for everyday use.

Fragrance-Free  ★  Hypoallergenic ☆  Allergy-Tested  ✮  Dermatologist Tested  



Sensitive Skin Herbal Body Moisturiser (RRP: £24.99)

Hempz Sensitive Skin Herbal Body Moisturiser has a natural calming oatmeal complex which helps to reduce dryness and give your skin an overall soft and smooth feel. The product works by using natural extracts and oils to help restore moisture to dry and sensitive skin.

It is fast absorbing, does not leave an oily residue and does not dry skin out either. It uses a combination of shea butter and cocoa seed butter to sooth and calm and nourish and moisturise respectively and with added mango seed butter, it hydrates and smoothes the skin too. One of my favourite things about this product is the heavenly buttery scent.

Vegan  ★  Not Tested on Animals  ☆  Paraben-Free  ✮  Gluten-Free


。。Skin Genius。。

Skin Genius No More Junk (RRP: £49.99) 

Skin Genius is aimed for people, who like me, have problem skin. So, acne, stress spots and hormonal skin fall into this category. Skin genius is packed with botanical ingredients and their products are natural, organic and work with the body, not against it.

Speaking as a twenty-something woman who suffers from PCOS, (a hormonal condition,) which causes acne and rosacea… the products worked for me! The packaging and branding are really cool too.

No Junk!  ★  Not Tested on Animals ☆  Recyclable



Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture (RRP: £55) & Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence ( RRP: £59.50)

The Murad range is definitely luxury! The Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture cream is fluffy, lightweight and so creamy. It provides 24-hour hydration, offering both immediate and long-term benefits. After applying this product for the first time my skin immediately felt better to touch. The product also has anti-aging qualities too.

The Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence is a hydration booster that can be layered under a serum or moisturiser for an instant boost of hydration. ‘Murad’ operate under the ethos that “only healthy skin is truly beautiful.”

Not Tested on Animals  ✮  Dermatologist Tested  



HealGel Intensive (RRP: £37.50)

The HealGel Intensive product is suitable for all skin types. It aims to soothe, repair and protect. It absorbs into the skin very easily, is naturally aromatic and is both non-oily and non-drying too.

HealGel intensive targets skin inflammations and reduces redness and skin sensitivity. As it is a gel it feels really nice on the skin and it is refreshing and cooling too. The packaging of this product is also really great, and there is a pump bottle, which is always a bonus.

Paraben & SLS Free  ★  Vegan  ☆  Not Tested on Animals  



Facial Cleanser & Cloth (RRP: £27.00) & Skin Boost Serum (RRP: £30.00)

Myroo is the UK’s first free-from skincare brand. It is natural, organic and vegan, and free from nuts, gluten and dairy. The Myroo Facial Cleanser comes with a Cloth and is a gorgeous starflower and orange blossom colour. The product works by reducing water loss and restoring skin smoothness and flexibility. It helps to restore skin and the orange blossom oil improves elasticity and stimulating cell growth. This product feels amazing on the skin!

The skin serum works in the same way but is packed with Omega 3, 6 & 9. It helps to bo boost the skin and combats the wear and tear of daily life. Like the cleanser, this product feels wonderful on the skin. It really does feel like a luxury item.

Suitable for all skin types  ★  Cruelty-Free ☆  Organic ✮ Made in the UK



Kalme Skin Care Kit (RRP: £52.95)

Kalme skincare range is, out of all of the skincare products I have used, my favourite. It suits my skin type perfectly. Kalme products are scientifically developed specifically for red skin which helps you to manage it in a natural and unbalanced manner.

The Kalme full skincare kit contains a cream cleanser, a day cream, a night cream, and am SPF20 concealer. All of which are naturally active and combat and conceal the multiple symptoms of rosacea. The products are soft, gentle, non-oily and soak into the skin perfectly.

  Not Tested on Animals  


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