Pure Potions: Because My Skin Needs Help!

Pure Potions Dry Skin Range Review Pure Potions are a UK based company who make products specifically for people who, like me, are prone...

Pure Potions Dry Skin Range Review

Pure Potions are a UK based company who make products specifically for people who, like me, are prone to dry skin. My skin is always dry, red, sore and irritated and I struggle to find products that help. So naturally, this was the first thing that attracted me to Pure Potions. After researching the company, however, it soon became apparent that there wasn’t just one reason to be attracted to them, but a whole bunch and I was excited to try their dry skin range.

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✧ First Impressions ✧

When the products arrived I was immediately impressed with the quality of the packaging. The box was sturdy and a classic plain white with the products nestled neatly inside. The packaging of the products themselves is also impressive. The materials used are fantastic quality, there is a real sense of luxury and I simply enjoyed the feel of the products in my hand. I never realised before how big of a difference that actually makes.


✧ Good Enough to Share ✧

Pure Potions was founded by a mother who was seeking for a product to suit her daughters dry and itchy skin. Her aim was to find a product that did not contain any unnecessary ingredients that may trigger or worsen her daughter’s skin. This story struck a chord with me for two reasons. Firstly, the story almost mirrors that of one of my very good friends who started to make her own toxin-free products for her daughter and secondly, because that very same friend lectures me daily about the products I use on my skin. I have to admit, whilst I know she is right, I do not always listen.

So after being pulled in by the promise of a cure for my sore dry skin I was pleasantly surprised to find that Pure Potions quite simply believe in, keeping it simple! The products are made right here in the UK and are completely natural with no hidden nasties. They are not tested on animals and the ingredients used are as close to their natural state as possible. There is also a little love thrown in there for good measure too.

Another fantastic draw for me was the fact that the products are not just suitable for people who are prone to dry skin but for those who have eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or any other itchy skin condition too. Both my niece, aged 7, and my Dad have awful eczema. I wasted no time in getting them to try these products too and received rave reviews from both ends. The lip balm was promptly “borrowed” by my niece and my Dad remembered to give me back everything but the bath and body oil! hmmm! I don’t think that was by mistake.


✧ The Products ✧

❥ Lip Balm

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No added Preservatives, fragrances or emulsifiers. 

Can be used on dry lips, rough skin itchy patches, to soften cuticles, to smooth eyebrows, to nourish under eyes and to protect delicate skin.

I personally used this product on my lips, under eyes and the sore, dry patches I have on my elbows with positive results. My niece, who is limited to what she can try because of her skin was most excited to try this particular product.

❥ Moisturising Ointment

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100% natural & Free from harmful chemicals 

I have to be honest! The first thing I noticed about this product more so than the others was the smell. Once I got passed this  I was in LOVE. In fact, of all the products in the dry skin range, this was my second favourite. The irritated and flaky skin on my cheeks has significantly reduced. I would recommend using this product as a night cream; it is quite heavy on the skin.

❥ Daily Moisturising Cream

Daily Moisterising Cream

Free from Parabens, petrochemicals and parabens.

This is another of the products I have had to share with other people in my life! Whilst I have been using it to sooth the dry skin at the top of my arms my fella has found his own uses for it. He has a full beard and the skin under his chin often gets red, irritated and itchy. This product has quite honestly stopped that from happening. He is a much happier man these days!

❥ Bath & Body Oil

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 100% Natural, suitable for all ages and multi-purpose.

This product proved to be very popular among my family members! I used this product by adding it to my bath water and as a shaving oil. I have hirsutism so finding a product that does not irritate my skin is amazing and this has become a holy grail item of mine.

❥ Hand Cream

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Paraben free & Pocket sized. 

My hands are the one part of my both that remains soft and unscathed. So, I kindly donated this product to my niece has severe hand eczema. She has taken to carrying this with her in her school bag and her hands improved so much that she could participate in water activities at school. She usually avoids this due to water drying her skin out further. Needless to say, she was very happy!

❥ Scalp Oil


100% natural, No perfume, No parabens,  No Problems.

This product was my absolute favourite and again I will be honest. When I opened the box I barely gave this a second glance. I do not use scalp oils often and I had it in my head that it would make my hair greasy. Oh, boy was I wrong! Rather selfishly, I have hidden this one away to keep for myself.

❥ Deodorant

Pure Potions 2

Pure, Gentle and Natural. 

No aluminium, No parabens, No triclosan, No phthalates. 

Out of all of the Pure Potions products I tried, the deodorant was the one I was most sceptical about but I was pleasantly surprised. The smell is light and fresh. It does state that because the ingredients are natural this product may need to be applied more often than usual. I apply this product twice per day which is a small price to pay in my opinion.

Would I recommend them?

Absolutely! There is no question. I fully intend to add these products to my everyday skin routine. If you are prone to dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or any other itchy skin condition then I suggest that you do the same.

Before trying these products I foolishly was under the impression that you had to make sacrifices if you wanted to use the natural and toxin free products. I had this belief for some reason, that they would never measure up against the standard toxic products that line the supermarket shelves. I was wrong and I admit it. Trying these products has opened my eyes and I plan to keep them firmly open.

Jade GG


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