Easter Crafts With Hello Moon

Happy Easter!

I seriously can’t believe we’re in April already! It feels like yesterday we were putting out mince pies for Santa! Maybe life just goes quicker as you get older *sighs*. Anyway, on a happier note, today we have been doing some Easter crafts. They were sent to us from the lovely people over at Hello Moon.

I’m not gooing to lie, the Easter holidays haven’t been easy. I have been juggling work, a new puppy and having the kids home. Luckily they have been well entertained with trips out to the zoo and the beach etc with their doting grandparents.

On the days they have been home with me, we have done some Easter baking, made cards, played board games, done painting in the garden and of course, we have now completed the Hello Moon Easter pack!

What we got up to…

Connor was so excited when I showed him this book, he loves anything crafty and has such a talent with art. I think at his age (5) their imaginations are incredible and the possibilities are endless! Let’s hope he holds onto these traits later in life.

On the first page, the books asks you to create your very own Hello Moon character. Connor came up with a giraffe with purple spots!

We then coloured in the cute little bunny and Connor started asking if we could get a pet rabbit! Those of you who already know me will know that our house is already like a zoo, with 3 dogs, 5 chickens, 2 giant African land snails and 14, yes 14 snakes! Obviously, the answer was no but I reassured him that he might just meet the Easter bunny on Sunday (watch this space).


we cut out the card and Connor wrote it out to his little friend at school so he can give it to her on Tuesday when they go back. Connor and I have made cards in the past and it’s definitely one of his favorite things to do.

We then coloured in the bunny masks and carefully cut them out. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any elastic to tie around it but Connor loved it just the same. He joked that he looks like the bunny from Zootropolis, although I don’t remember that bunny having a mustache.

Connor found the bunny box a little tricky. Once he knew how it all fitted together, though, he kept undoing it then doing it back up again. Connor has a very inquisitive mind. He loves to learn how to do new things so he was in his element learning how to create his very own box to keep his pennies in!

The “faces on eggs” page was fun too. Connor did this with real eggs at school just before they broke up and he loved telling me all about the different faces his friends had come up with.


The maze really got Connor’s mind working. I could see the concentration on his little face as he worked out which way the bunny had to go to get his eggs at the bottom of the rabbit hole!

All in all, the book was a massive hit.  I would love to see Hello Moon come up with something similar for the Summer holidays maybe *hint hint*

If you haven’t heard of Hello Moon, where have you been? Be sure to head over to their amazing website and check out all the personalised prints and posters! Hope you all have a lovely easter and enjoy lots of yummy treats!

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