Echo Falls Spritz – Pinot Grigio Spritz

As we are all trying our hardest to cling on to the end of summer, the launch of new Echo Falls Pinot Grigio Spritz is a great way to bring a bit of sunshine to the darkening days. Guaranteed to refresh even on the muggiest of summer days, Echo Falls Pinot Grigio Spritz provides a lighter drinking alternative to a glass of wine.

Pinot Grigio Spritz is a zesty and refreshing, lightly sparkling wine spritzer, with subtle apple and citrus notes. Ideally served in a tall glass, over ice, it is the ultimate drink to sit and enjoy out with friends, at home with a relaxing al fresco meal, or at a picnic in the park.

It’s the perfect blend of Echo Falls wine and sparkling water and each 250ml bottle has only 118 calories and one unit of alcohol, so it’s the perfect choice for those that are calorie conscious.

Echo Falls Spritz also has a rose style  – White Zinfandel –  which is lively and refreshing, with a light sparkle and bursting with sweet summer berry fruits.

Echo Falls Spritz – sparkling with refreshment

For more information on Echo Falls Pinot Grigio Spritz, or any of the Echo Falls wine range visit

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