Eco Gift Idea Recycled Grolsch Bottle Glasses

Developed from an idea used first on environmental projects in Botswana, and Namibia. These funky glasses were developed with the originators of the idea in South Africa.
An environmentally friendly & fun use of a Grolsch Bottle. The pack includes 2 glasses and makes an ideal gift.

The bottles are first cut and then ground before being melted to make a smooth drinking surface. The glass is then annealed to ensure they are as hard wearing as possible. The entire process takes about three hours. As the glass isn’t melted down as with the normal process of recycling glass these glasses save about 90% of the energy from the recycling process.
Each glass is 20.6cm tall and holds approx 500ml.

What Girlie Gossip Thought

The first thing we noticed about these glasses when we took them from the box (Also made of recyclable packaging by the way!) was the size of them, they are huge and would definitely hold plenty of drink for those hot summer days! The second thing we noticed was the vibrant colour, they are a deep emerald green and you can clearly see the Grolsch logo stamped into them. They would make great items for either decorative or practical use and a perfect gift idea for your eco friendly mates or anyone who likes quirky and unusual gifts! Priced at just £12.00 from BigGreenSmile.Com they are also a real bargain!!

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