Energetix Magnetix Jewellery Review

Hollywood gets magnetised!

The favourite jeweller ENERGETIX to Hollywood celebrities; Paris Hilton, Sharon Stone, Paula Abdul, Rachel Hunter, Sir Ian McKellen and Michael Madsen know that when the ‘Award Season’ is around their celebrity admirers will be hitting the red carpet wearing their much loved accessory from the ENERGETIX range.nrglogo.jpg

Magnet therapy is also said to have beneficial effects and present-day findings in space medicine indicate that human beings obtain energy from the earth’s’ magnetic field. ENERGETIX have taken the traditional copper bracelet a huge leap forward by designing a contemporary collection of magnetic jewellery for men and women, which means there is no compromise on style.

Combining stylish design with a quality product and effective therapy, the ENERGETIX range provides people across the globe with relief from a variety of conditions including: Depression, Migraines, Stress, Period Pain, Sports Injuries, Fatigue, RSI and Rheumatism, by improving the body’s circulation. This is why most people have turned to magnetic therapy today as it can offer a simple and natural alternative remedy.

You don’t need the income of a superstar to afford an elegant item of jewellery from the range……..

ENERGETIX high quality flexible bracelets decorated Swarovski Crystals and gemstones like: Peridot, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Rhodolite and Amethyst will cost you as little as £48.00 in sizes Medium and Large and fits every wrist!

For further information on the ENERGETIX Magnet Therapy range or to have a party log on to www.energetix.tv or call Tel: 08453630409 or log on to www.energetix.tv


What Girlie Gossip Thought.

After receiving a piece from the fabulous Energetix range it is clear that not only are these products great health wise but a lot of time and effort has gone into making each item fashionable and suitable for every day wear or even to glam up an evening outfit depending on which range you choose.
I love the fact that there are a wide variety of different gem colours to choose from, giving you the versatility to either choose one specific favourite or maybe go a little mad and buy several to match different coloured outfits!
With celebs like Paris Hilton and Michael Madson as fans its good to know that you are wearing something that’s considered fashionable as well as having the added benefits of magnet therapy! We couldn’t recommend Energetix enough here at Girlie Gossip and if you fancy getting your hands on some of the products for yourself simply use the link in the article above to visit their website where you can view the full catalogue and info.

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