Enjoy a sneeze free summer with Vax!

Allergies now affect one in four of us and the problem is getting worse… each year this figure increases by 5% and as many...

Allergies now affect one in four of us and the problem is getting worse… each year this figure increases by 5% and as many as half of all those affected are children*. It’s more noticeable at this time of year when pollen counts are soaring, triggering symptoms of the UK’s most common allergy, hayfever. If you suffer from hayfever, you can try to reduce symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing by staying indoors when the pollen count is high. Unfortunately, our homes are a haven for several other common allergens, including house dust mites, moulds and the dander from pet cats and dogs.

Experts in floorcare for over 30 years, Vax has everything you need to banish these pesky allergens from your home this summer. Simply follow their top five sneeze free tips:

1. Vacuum carpets, floors and soft furnishings regularly
Carpets and hard floors should be vacuumed daily if possible, and soft furnishings twice a week. This may sound like hard work, but you can make it easier – the Mach Air  upright from Vax is the lightest full size multi cyclonic upright in the world, so it’s much kinder on your back and is ideal for effortless everyday vacuuming.

2. Always use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter
These filters have a high level of filtration to trap even the smallest dust particles, so they’re not released back into the air. Vax has an extensive range of cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners to suit all pockets – and they all have HEPA filters as standard.

3. Wash your carpets regularly

Wash at least every three months to remove oily or embedded dirt that vacuuming alone can’t remove.

Think your home is already spotless? Think again… our skin is covered in a layer of sebum oil that is designed to attract dirt, dust and allergens, so they don’t enter our body. This oil rubs off onto carpets and furnishings whenever you touch them and continues to attract dirt and allergens until you wash them. Vax’s range of heated cleaning carpet washers have powerful suction and spinning brushes that clean carpet fibres on all sides to achieve the deepest, most thorough clean.

Once washed, your carpets will look brighter, smell fresher and it’ll put the spring back into the pile too.

4. Wash stairs, car seats and soft furnishings
This helps to eliminate allergens from every part of your home. Choose a carpet washer with a flexible hose and wash tool to make this easier.

5. Wash hard floors regularly
A hard floor washer will make this job quicker and easier – plus it’s more hygienic than using a mop and bucket. The separate clean and dirty water tanks mean you’re never reusing the dirty water, so you know your floor is thoroughly clean and allergen free. The V-120 Floormate from Vax is the perfect choice as it also has SpinScrub brushes to remove those dried on stains and spills.

Enjoy a sneeze free summer with Vax – we love clean!

For more information on Vax’s extensive range of vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners and hard floor cleaners visit http://www.vax.co.uk

* Source: British Allergy Foundation – http://www.allergyuk.org

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