Essential gadgets for the home revealed!

Tassimo Coffee Machine Gadget

Household gadgetry is legion these days. Many of us have busy lives and anything that makes life a bit easier is clearly a blessing. Still, choosing what you need (as opposed to what you fancy) can be headache-inducing. From onion choppers to herb scissors, toilet iPod docks and even foot tanners for turning your toes orange while you type away, there are a whole host of products out there that you simply do not need.

So what are the essentials? What are the products that are actually going to save you time, give you what you need and not give you coronary trying to figure them out? We’ve got our heads together to compile a list of 5 items you simply shouldn’t be without.

The Tassimo Coffee Machine Collection

Great coffee is hard to get right. Instant coffee just doesn’t do the trick and you practically need to have a degree to get the ground stuff made without that bitter burnt aftertaste. The solution comes in the Tassimo coffee machine, which changes the way we make coffee.

The Tassimo comes with over 45 different “T discs” – little pots of coffee ranging from cappuccinos and espressos to more specialist teas and flavoured hot drinks. Each disc has a unique barcode that your machine scans and then uses the contents to make you a perfect brew. The machines are stylish and small, and the coffee is unbeatable. This one’s a keeper.

Masterclass potato ricer

Kitchen kit can be a nightmare, with so many variations and so-called time-savers that actually make the process of preparing dinner feel like putting together a garden shed. We find simplicity is best when it comes to the kitchen, and choosing products that make family favourites come out like Michelin starred dishes are the ones you want around.

A potato ricer is a thing of beauty. Too many roast dinners have been ruined by clumpy, heavy mash. Easy to handle and dishwasher-safe, the Masterclass Potato Ricer creates smooth, fluffy mash that makes all those plastic mashers obsolete. A must.

Chop, chop, chop

Two great devices for making posh nosh a regular staple at home. The Microplane zester is a classic and comes with several different graters and zesters that preserve flavour while still doing their job. Use it for citrus, cheese, veg and anything else you want shredded, grated or minced.

Another great chopping tool is the Mandoline slicer. When it comes to time saving devices, this is king, giving you uniform, paper-thin slices without taking hours of preparation before you can even start cooking. The Japanese Mandoline Slicer comes with plastic slicer, attachment blades and a hand guard for keeping your fingers safe.

iRobot Roomba

With all this cooking going on, someone’s got to get on with the cleaning. So why not leave it to the vacuum? The iRobot Roomba can be turned on and left to its own devices. The machine vacuums autonomously and has senses built in to avoid sharp edges, oncoming obstacles and even the stairs.

There’s even a sister product called the Scooba, which works just like the Roomba except it quickly and easily washes the floors of your kitchen and bath. Cleaning just got a whole lot easier.

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