Exclusive Interview With Actress and Writer Felicia Day

After the recent success of Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog we were lucky enough to manage to get an exclusive chat with one of...

After the recent success of Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog we were lucky enough to manage to get an exclusive chat with one of the main star’s herself Felica Day (Penny) We talk to her about her time on Dr Horrible and other fab shows such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The Guild. Read on after the jump for the full, fantastic interview …

Hi Felicia, thanks for taking time out to chat with us, first of all how are you, and have you recovered from the madness of Comicon yet?

Um, get back to me in a week It was absolutely crazy, I can’t say that I was prepared for it, because how do you prepare for a Con with over 100,000 people! I was rushing to and fro from signing to appointment to signing to panel, so I’m looking forward to next year, maybe it will be less crazy so I can do some actual shopping.

Sadly we couldn’t get there ourselves (mostly because we’re poor and live hundreds of thousands of miles away) but we’ve seen the online coverage and you look positively gobsmacked in those shots of The Dr Horrible panel, were you expecting that many fans to turn up?

Not really expecting the fan reactions I encountered at all! I knew that people might recognize me, but there were times I couldn’t walk down an aisle without taking a picture or giving an autograph. And as far as the panel, YES I was totally blown away, I hadn’t seen the room and to see all those flash bulbs going off…gobsmacked is right!

You’ve worked with Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion before on BTVS when you played one of the potentials, is this how your involvement with Dr Horrible came about?

Yes, Joss and I kept in touch after Buffy. We spoke on the WGA strike line about my internet show “The Guild” (www.watchtheguild.com) and he mentioned he had an internet project simmering in the back of his brain. A few months later, out of the blue, I got an email “Can you sing? -j” When Joss emails you, you say yes whatever it is!

I’m curious, were you a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer before you actually appeared in it, and do you know if Joss has any plans to ever revive the series either by a spin-off show or something similar?

I admit, I had not seen many episodes before I worked on it, it aired during my non-TV college years, but after the show was over I got addicted because if you know me, you know that fantasy and action are my weak spots! I don’t know anything about his plans besides the comic book Season 8 (Which has Vi, my character, in the latest issue)

The writing, the comedy, the acting and the music were all amazing in Dr Horrible but what were your own personal favourite songs, and scenes and why?

I love the opening of Act Two and the song “On The Rise”, a duet with Neil and myself. That song gave me shivers the first time I heard it. My favourite scene is the laundry mat scene where I sing “Penny’s Song” but not because of me, because of the shot after Nathan and I leave, and the camera zooms in on Neil’s face and he starts singing “Brand New Day.” The intensity in his expression coupled with the dramatic camera move, sheer genius on Neil and Joss’ part. So bad ass!

Will there be more Dr Horrible episodes to come, or possibly a Movie/Broadway musical as rumours suggest?

I have heard all the same rumors and can only root for it to continue in any form. I’m sure it will have other iterations because it’s a passion project of Joss’.

You are no stranger to the concept of online shows, having already enjoyed success with your own online series ‘The Guild’ (Which we have just sat and watched for the first time today, it’s amazing!) how did the concept for this come about, and how are things progressing with the second series?

I’m writing Season 2 as we speak (this is the last interview I’m doing for a long time, must devote time to writing instead of interviewing! ) I was a huge World of Warcraft addict and after I kicked the habit I was looking to write a ½ hour comedy for TV. I picked online gaming because the mantra is, “Write what you know”. My producing partner, Kim Evey, suggested we do the show on the web and that’s how we came to the present, in short summary.

The Guild is actually primarily funded by fans of the show who can donate via paypal is that true? It must be rewarding to know that people love the show enough to put their hand in their pocket and donate their own money to help it progress!

It’s an amazing feeling to know that people want to support the show directly. When we first put that Paypal button up we had no expectation. You can imagine my shock when we made out budget for the next episode in several weeks! It’s democracy in action, and I couldn’t be prouder. At this point we don’t have the Paypal button up, we are looking at other funding options for now, but the DVD we’re selling is going to backpay all the cast and crew who worked for free to get the show done. And who knows, the button may go up in the next few months again!

You are quite internet savvy yourself aren’t you? With various social networking accounts that you regularly contribute to, your own blog etc on http://www.felicaday.com do you think that fans can relate to you more because you actually do respond to questions and comments raised and don’t shy away from internet communication?

Yes, I think it impacts the way I interact with fans and how we relate to each other. I can’t answer every message, but there are many ways to communicate with me, through my blog, Twitter etc. It makes me more relatable, but creates relationships between me and the fans of my show. Personally, I’m not interested in being a famous person, I’m just doing a job like anyone else. Anyone can create and put their vision on the internet, I just want to exemplify that and inspire others to do the same.

So when you’re not acting or writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Uh, spare time? Well, I used to go to dance class and do ballet, no time for that now. I want to go back and refresh that though. Most my time is taken up with The Guild and other internet stuff. I admit I do sneak Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft in, and Bejeweled on my iPhone. I’m a big gamer. I read a lot of fantasy novels too.

Seeing as we’re primarily an entertainment site, we’d love to know what your own personal favourite TV Shows, Movies and Games are!

TV Shows: Seinfeld, Friends, Family Ties, Cosby Show, Heroes
Movies: Bringing Up Baby, Babe, Big Trouble in Little China
Games: Planetscape Torment, Ultima Games, WOW, Guitar Hero, Super Paper Mario, Tetris, I could go on….

Lastly, what future projects can we expect to see from you? Do you have anything new lined up that you can tell us about?

I have a show I’m developing with Machinima.com, a sitcom set in a gaming world. I have a few other web shows I’m developing and a screenplay I hope to finish by the end of the year as a low-budget comedy, indie-style. Of course, more Guild. With that, I’m gonna go write!

Many thanks to Felicia for taking time out to chat with us, keep checking back for more Dr Horrible and The Guild related articles in the near future! While you wait, check out the links below to find out more about Felicia and her current projects.


www.youtube.com/watchtheguild – Subscribe to the channel!
feliciaday.com – Official Website
www.twitter.com/feliciaday – Follow Felicia!

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