5 Fun and Healthy Family Activities for the Springtime

With spring marking the start of new life cycles in nature as plants and animals bounce back from the cold of winter, it’s a...

With spring marking the start of new life cycles in nature as plants and animals bounce back from the cold of winter, it’s a perfect time for you and your family to do the same for your household and health. The weather is turning a new leaf and making outdoor activities suitable once again. So, why not take advantage of the beauty of the season while it lasts? Although the summer months are also conducive to outdoor fun, the hotter days can make for more grueling and less enjoyable experiences. With that said, here’s a handful of fun and healthy activities you can plan for the family this spring:

1. Learning About Plants and Wildcrafting

Since most plants other than evergreens are beginning to come back to life during the spring, it’s an ideal time for you and the kids to engage in a plant identification project. Learning about the local fauna and making sure your children are familiar with popular plant varieties is a fun extracurricular educational activity. Plus, unless you’re an expert, you’ve probably got a lot to learn in this department as well. So it’s good edification for the whole family. You might even want to go out into nature hunting for certain kinds of plants in a wildcrafting session.

2. Building a Greenhouse

Spring is an excellent time to start a garden and if you’re going to be bending over and doing all that hard work you might as well do it in a greenhouse. As this will drastically increase the quality and yield of your crops. Also, many plants have a much better appearance and structure when grown in the more stable confines of a greenhouse environment. However, constructing the entire frame of the greenhouse from scratch could wind up being an unnecessary obstacle. When you could just start with a pre-built frame. After all, you’ll already have enough work to do just acquiring, planting, positioning, and caring for the plants. Fortunately, there are plenty of different types of hoop house frames that you can choose from to stay within your budget or space limitations.

3. Running a Marathon

Spring is also an excellent time to get in shape. As the weather is usually not too hot or too cold. Training for a marathon in itself is a fun family activity that increases endurance, stamina, lung capacity, and energy. While also helping you shed any extra pounds you may be storing. Once you’ve all crossed the finish line of a fairly challenging marathon you’ll feel as though you’ve accomplished something as a team. So, it’s a great bonding experiencing for the whole gang. You may even want to bring some of your kids’ friends along and make it a group outing.

4. Hiking and Camping

If you took interest in the first recommendation (wildcrafting) then you might as well make the most of it by planning a full camping trip. Of course, you’re naturally going to be hiking as you search for specific plants, but just to differentiate the two activities and fully experience each, it may be best to actually hit up a few local trails or mountainous regions for real treks.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to choose trails that aren’t too challenging based on how advanced and athletic you all are as a group. Making a camping trip out of it ensures that you’re not going to be in too much of a rush, as these are activities that really require time and an open mindset to enjoy. Obviously, don’t want to be out in a field saying “okay kids, we’ve got 10 minutes to wrap this up” as they hastily scurry to pull random plants out of the ground.

5. Building a Playhouse

The arrival of spring means that your little ones can resume comfortably playing outside, so it’s a great time to celebrate their re-entry into the backyard by adding a custom built playhouse. Of course, you could just buy a plastic one from the store, but it should go without saying that it’ll never be as good as one that you and your family designed and built from scratch. This might sound like an intimidating construction project, but really there’s no shortage of DIY playhouse plans that anyone can follow with a very basic set of tools and zero previous building experience. Throw in some creativity and a bit of paint and your kids will have one-of-a-kind place of their own.

Or … All of the Above!

The great thing about these recommendations is that they’re not mutually exclusive. In fact, you can do them all within the course of a single weekend and have a blast in the process!

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