Family Trips – Longleat Safari Park

Girlie Gossip takes a look at Longleat Safari Park and gives you our views on why it’s a fantastic family day out! Longleat Safari...

Girlie Gossip takes a look at Longleat Safari Park and gives you our views on why it’s a fantastic family day out!

Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire is a must see family attraction for kids and adults of all ages. However, if you’re thinking it is all about the Safari park, you’d be sorely mistaken as Longleat has so much more to offer and once inside the grounds, the possibilities are endless!

Upon entrance to Longleat we proceeded directly into the Safari Park, a magical experience which gives you the chance to get up close and personal with wild animals from the safety and comfort of your own vehicle. Drive round at your own pace, stopping (pulling over to one side to ensure the other cars can still keep the flow) whenever you like to take photo’s or take a longer look at specific animals. We were blown away by the lions, tigers and wolves in particular.

Don’t forget that about half way round you can also stop to feed the deer, a fantastic experience which absolutely made our day. Just buy a pot of deer food from the staff and drive your car into the spaces provided and the deer will happily trot up to your car, poke their adorable heads in the window and eat from your hand! (or delve straight into the pot and help themselves if you get cheeky ones like us!) a brilliant experience.

Once you’re finished in the safari park you can drive in and park your car near the stunning Longleat House and lakes (perhaps stop for a picnic?) and make your way onwards to further attractions.

We had passport tickets and I can’t rate these highly enough. Basically this means that instead of paying for the attractions you want to visit separately, you pay a one off fee which entitles you access to almost all the attractions in Longleat. This includes The Safari Boat, Old Joes Mine, Longleat House and much more! Well worth it if you’re looking to spend the entire day in the grounds, trust us!

A few of our absolute favourite, stand out attractions are below:

Safari Boat

This is an amazing experience that you must not miss if you go to Longleat. Hop on a big safari boat and make your way around the lakes, you get to see plenty of seals eagerly jumping out of the water at you and may even catch a glimpse of Nico the silverback Gorilla who lives on his own little island in the middle of the lake. The pampered big guy even has sky TV to watch! Beautiful and amazing to watch if you can spot him!

Longleat Train

All aboard the cute Longleat train ride which takes you around the grounds, through woodland and past the lakes (watch out for glimpses of seals and Nico again!) kids will absolutely love this and there’s plenty of room in the little carriages for adults aswell.

Old Joes Mine

Get up close and personal with Bats! Watch as they fly around above your head and learn all about them from the friendly, helpful staff. Not for the faint hearted!

Longleat House and Gardens

A truly breathtaking spectacle. Wander around the house at your own pace (something we thought was brilliant!) no need for tour guides as there are staff located in all rooms should you want to ask a specific question. All were friendly, knowledgeable and answered everything thrown at them! Stunning and educational.

If you’re bringing children with you, we’d recommend allowing plenty of time for the huge adventure playground! Kids will absolutely LOVE it but be warned it will be hard to drag them away from the high rise castles, rope bridges, enormous tube slides and more! This is worth the price of a passport ticket alone in our opinion!

There’s also the massive hedge maze to wander around (or perhaps lose yourself in!) and motion simulators as well as some lovely café’s and fast food places to stop and grab a quick meal if you’re in a rush and having far too much time to slow down!

All in all a highly recommended day out for all the family, not matter what age! Get there early as you WILL struggle to fit everything in. Plenty to see, do and immerse yourself in. A top day trip idea!

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