5 Favorite Boozy Christmas Drinks

Gallo Wines These two mouth-watering wines are perfect for Christmas parties! The Gallo Family Vineyard Merlot is a smooth and aromatic red wine with flavours of black...

Gallo Wines

These two mouth-watering wines are perfect for Christmas parties! The Gallo Family Vineyard Merlot is a smooth and aromatic red wine with flavours of black fruits and raspberry. It’s a wonderful accompaniment to any Christmas cheeseboard! Available in Tesco for just £6

The Gallo Family Vineyard Pinot Grigio has crisp and fruity melon and citrus notes that make this wine a brilliant match with salmon or boxing-day pasta dishes Available in Sainsbury’s for just £5.75

Funkin Cocktails

What better way to enjoy the festivities than with a cocktail! Funkin Cocktails make things easy with their all in one cocktail shaker. Combining bar-quality cocktail mixers in a unique disposable cocktail shaker, you don’t need to have a bar at home to create the perfect Christmas cocktail!

Iceland Wines

If you thought Iceland only did frozen foods, you thought wrong! Introducing their new Wines & Spirits range! The handpicked selection of premium French wines includes an excellent quality Duc de Montgerald Sancerre, an elegant Châteauneuf-du-Pape from the same producer and a Chablis from renowned Maison Louis Soufflot!

Also included in the range is a trio of Spanish reds. The range includes a fresh and juicy Tempranillo Bobal, a fresh and juicy Crianza and a lush, rich Reserva to complete the range.

And of course, our ultimate favorite has got to be the Luxury Irish Cream Liqueur! Made from fresh Irish double cream, the luxury Irish cream Liqueur contains triple distilled aged Irish whiskey which is matured for a minimum of three years in oak wood casks. The liqueur offers a full-bodied, creamy mouthfeel, perfectly balanced with the whiskey. An Ideal fireside accompaniment! Available instore at Iceland.

DemiJohn Gins, Spirits & Liqueurs

DemiJohn offers a range of stunning gift boxes that you can even have personalised! Handmade in Cumbria, the oak boxes each contain a bottle or bottles of delicious, artisan liqueurs or spirits. Not only do they look good and taste good, but they will be warmly welcomed by any family member or friend who enjoys the finer things in life.

Pinkster Gin

Pinkster has an ultimate perfectly pink present for any gin lover!
It is distilled in small batches to an original recipe with five botanicals, then macerated with a further three botanicals and hand-steeped with fresh raspberries grown locally to Pinkster HQ in Cambridgeshire, which give it its distinctive pink colour. 
It is also deliciously dry with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish and makes a refreshingly different G&T when served with a raspberry and a sprig of fresh, well-spanked mint*.
 At Pinkster, none of the delicious ingredients goes to waste.  The raspberries left over from maceration are bottled up as Boozy Berries. These delightfully intoxicated raspberries are simply splendid served over ice cream or dipped in chocolate – the possibilities are endless!   Add them to your G&T for an extra special punch of pinkness.
And the raspberries that don’t quite make the cut are used for new Pinkster’s Gin Jam, the perfect ingredient for a Gin & Jam cocktail. 
Pinkster Gin is available from discerning retailers including Majestic, Oddbins Ocado and www.pinkstergin.com, priced around £35.
Boozy Berries and Gin Jam are available from www.pinkstergin.com priced at £6.00 and £6.50 respectively.
Pinkster also has a fabulous Christmas Hamper full of Gin & Goodies priced at £55 and available from www.pinkster.com




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