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Summer is in full swing and we are lovin’ it! Warm weather, long days, beer gardens and BBQ’s! HEAVEN!

Dry hair, however, we aren’t lovin’ that so much! People focus on protecting their skin from the sun but often forget that their hair needs a little extra care too. The sun can dry out hair and do extra damage to hair that is already dry.

So, we have taken the opportunity to compile a list of hair care products we have been lovin’ this summer!

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« Remington Air Plates »

I tend to avoid using hot irons on my hair during the summer months to prevent further drying out. So, I am so happy to have found a product that I can use to tame the frizz despite the warmer weather.  The Remington Air Plates!

The Remington Air Plates are the world’s first hair straightener to use suspended plates. There are three reasons this item has fast become a favourite. The first being the air plates themselves. They are suspended and align perfectly with every hair strand so there are no gaps and results are achieved in just one stroke. I spend way less time straightening my hair than I did before. The second is the adjustable temperature settings. If I am having a dryer hair day I can reduce the temperature to minimise any damage, which suits me perfectly. The third reason is the fact that the outside of the straighteners remains cooler than other products due to the suspended plates.

The second is the adjustable temperature settings. If I am having a dryer hair day I can reduce the temperature to minimise any damage, which suits me perfectly. The third reason is the fact that the outside of the straighteners remains cooler than other products due to the suspended plates.
The item itself is really pretty and a great price too!


« Kerastraight »

Kerastraight products not only fight frizz and the effects of humidity, they hydrate the hair and heal any sun damage. They are suitable for all hair types too!

The packaging of Kerastraight products is so luxury. They are the type of products you leave out on your vanity. They smell great too. Really light and delicate but fresh and feminine. You can use the hair masks twice per week to seal split ends, tame flyaways and give your hair some needed TLC.

The Kerastraight hair oil is a blend of 9 oils which target four areas. Nourishment, repair, hydration and shine. It is incredibly light and soaks into the hair easily leaving no residue. The results are phenomenal! It leaves your hair so soft, shiny and completely frizz free. My hair has never looked so healthy.


« Lush »

We are huge fans of LUSH here at Girlie Gossip but I had not used any of their hair care products before. I was excited about the opportunity. First off, all of Lush’s’ products look fantastic! Their hair products are no different. The NEW shampoo bar reminded me of a macaroon. Delicious!

The shampoo bar may quite honestly be the best thing I have ever smelled. It completely reminds me of deep heat, cinnamon and clove oil. It is INCREDIBLE! It lathers up so easily. All you need to do is rub it over your hair a couple of times and you are good to go. The product is incredibly light and it doesn’t dry your hair out. I can rave about it all day long.

I didn’t have the same love at first sight attitude with the Hair Conditioner bar. It really struggled to get any product off it and I couldn’t work it out. I am glad I persisted though because it smells divine and it does leave my hair lovely and soft. You just have to work for it. The Hair Moisturiser though! WOW! It is so buttery to touch and again it smells amazing. You leave this product in so I advise you are sparing with it to minimise any residue. I will be honest, my favourite thing it to use it on my fella’s beard! It leaves it smelling amazing and incredibly soft.


« Phil Smith »

Go Nuts for Coconuts!

We are huge fans of all things coconut! Not only does it smell fantastic, (always reminds me of summer holidays!) but it is so versatile and great for your body in so many ways. Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Cocolicious shampoo and conditioner hydrates the hair with the rich, moisturising properties of coconuts. The outcome is strong, healthy and deliciously smelling hair.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are incredibly fresh and lightweight. The shampoo is so hydrating and gentle, it leaves the hair feeling clean and light. The leave in conditioner locks in moisture and leaves hair so easy to manage and style.

The texture spray (my personal fav) completes the trio. The spray creates natural waves and texture creating a completely effortless beach look! I am on board with this all day… every day!


« Noughty »

Noughty’s Intensive Care is another leave-in conditioner but I just fell in love with it I had to include it in the list. It consists of shea butter and argan oil to help nourish and repair hair, making it perfect for hair damaged by the sun. It smells amazing too!

The Noughty hair care range contains no parabens, no sulphates, no petrochemicals, and no silicons. Their products are made with 97% natural formula too. I think this is incredible! You can use this item every day and it is suitable for all hair types. Those who like me suffer from dry, easily damaged and frizzy hair, will benefit so much from this product!

Transform distressed hair and split ends into the perfect fairytale ending!


   « Organic Shop »

A whole new range by Organic Shop! The Olive and Orange flowers are my fav though the range has lots of scents to choose from, each with their own area of expertise. They have Repair, Colour, Soft, Shine and a sublime Avocado & Honey hair mask.

Organic Shop combine simple natural ingredients and they have no parabens, SLS, silicones, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, dyes or polythenes. You get all this for a fantastic price from all Tesco stores.

The Olive and Orange smells amazing and it is the perfect choice for long hair that needs reviving. The organic olive oil and orange flower combination work to nourish hair and provide extra depth to limp hair. My hair felt, strong, healthy and full after use. It is the perfect, affordable option for summer hair care.


« Tangle Angel »

If I can get away with simply brushing my hair after washing and letting it dry naturally I will. So having a decent hair brush is essential.

The Tangle Angel hairbrush works perfectly when my hair is wet and when my hair is dry. It is a detangling hair brush but I can also use it when I am blow-drying my hair. It is perfect for all of my needs. It is specially developed with antibacterial additives in the plastic so it is hygienic and safe to use.

It has anti-static properties and it is heat resistant up to 120c and water resistant too! It comes in a pretty design and there is a whole range of colours to choose from too.The handy smaller brush is perfect to carry with you!.


« Batiste Speed It Up – SHINE »

When I do need to dry my hair I have been enjoying using Batiste Speed it Up. It works to accelerate the amount of time you need to blow dry, reducing damage and making it a perfect summer option. The SHINE option smells amazing and is infused with ginseng to leave your hair looking sleek and shiny. There is also a SMOOTHING and FRIZZ TAMING option available.


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