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°° Anatomicals °° After trying Anatomicals for the first time this month I have quickly become a huge fan. I was completely won over by...

°° Anatomicals °°

Anatomicals feature imageAfter trying Anatomicals for the first time this month I have quickly become a huge fan. I was completely won over by their wit and charm. They are HILARIOUS! All of their products have quirky names and messages that go along with them. The packaging is bright and colourful and I loved the whole style if I am honest.

It isn’t ‘style over substance’ though. The products themselves are fantastic! My fella, who is more than happy to wash body and hair with a bar of soap, commented on how nice they were. The highest compliment! The body lotion and body cleanser smelled amazing! The lotion made my skin soft without leaving any residue and the joint and muscle rub was a joy to use. We highly recommend you check out Anatomicals!

☾ Jade

°°O’Keeffe’s Working Hands°°

O'Keeffe's Feature image

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands isn’t a monthly fav but rather a lifetime fav. We recently wrote about our love for this product so we wanted to include it in our favourites this month. Read all about why it is a holy grail item here.

°° The Great British Bake Off °°

Now, I know I am a little late to the party but I have been non-stop watching The Great British Bake-off this month. I was a little under the weather in the middle of the month and as I am fortunate enough to work from home I have already got through five entire seasons.

I LOVE it!! Why did no one tell me how fantastic it was? So sad I have missed out all of these years. However, fortunately for me, I had a fantastic time binge watching!

☾ Jade

°° POLK Speakers °°

I already have (and LOVE) my Polk mini sound bar! The Polk Boom bit and Polk Swimmer, however, blew me away. The sound quality on both is exceptional. We have the Swimmer attached to the shower wall and I carry my Boom bit with me. It is great when I am cleaning the house or sitting in the garden.

When I first saw the Boom bit, I will be honest, I did not expect much. It is really small! It kinda looks like a memory stick! I underestimated it though! For it may be small but it is definitely mighty! Another high recommendation from me.

☾ Jade

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