My February Favorites 2016

My February Favorites 2016

This year is going so fast already! I can’t believe I’m doing my February Faves already! On the plus side, at least the weather seems to be getting brighter. Here are a few of the products I have absolutely loved this month…

Essential 4 Step Daily Skin Care Set

My February Favorites 2016

The luxury brand, Beauty Naturals have launched a new range of affordable skincare essentials. I absolutely loved trying out these creams and I could definitely notice a change in my complexion after only a few days! Having sensitive skin, I’m very fussy about what I apply, These gentle products have worked wonders and I will most definitely be buying them again.

This set includes:

Cream Cleanser

Gel Toner

Day Cream

Overnight Cream

These four products contain natural and herbal ingredients such as Pure Organic Rosewater and are also completely cruelty-free. These products are perfect if you have sensitive skin like me and will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

No. 1 ESSENTIAL CREAM CLEANSER: Contains: Shea butter, avocado oil and sodium hyaluronate. A perfect morning cleanser that gently cleans out your pores and wakes up your skin.

Contains: Shea butter, avocado oil and sodium hyaluronate. A perfect morning cleanser that gently cleans out your pores and wakes up your skin.

No. 2 ESSENTIAL GEL TONER: Contains: sodium hyaluronate, cucumber and witch hazel. This light, pre-moisturising treatment really brightens up your skin and reduces puffiness around the eyes.

No.3 ESSENTIAL DAY CREAM: Contains: Sesame seed oil, aloe vera, and vitamins E and A. Not only does this day cream moisturise your skin, it also acts as a kind of primer for your makeup. I found that my foundation went on a lot smoother after applying this product.

No.4 ESSENTIAL NIGHT CREAM: Contains: shea butter, beeswax, olive fruit oil and wheatgerm oil. Apply this night cream after removing your makeup before bed. It will work overnight to moisturise and replenish your skin, leaving you with a healthy beautiful glow when you wake up the next morning.

You can buy the Beauty Naturals Collection HERE.

The Curl Company

My February Favorites 2016

Being born with naturally curly hair has been a blessing and a curse. Fellow curly-haired women will know what I mean. Quite often when I don’t have the time to style my hair, I will just throw it up in a messy bun. Although it’s not very glamorous, it’s quick and easy. That was until I discovered these amazing products designed especially for us curly-haired gals. And it won’t break the bank!

Curl Cream: I applied the curl cream after gently towel drying my hair and I could instantly feel my curls getting smoother and easier to manage. You can grab these curl creams for only £3.99 from Boots!

Curl Defining Moose: Gently scrunch the moose into your curls to give them a smooth but firm hold that will last all day! You can buy the moose for Only £3.49 from Boots!

You can find the full Curl Company collection HERE

Blanx White Shock

My February Favorites 2016

Having been used to using the same toothpaste for over 10 years, I was a little apprehensive about trying something new. When I first heard about BLANX, I was interested to know if it actually worked. I was pleasantly surprised that even after the first use, I could visibly see the change. My teeth looked a lot whiter and brighter. Blanx White Shock instantly removes pigments on your teeth and naturally whitens without the use of optical brighteners and is safe for your gums as it does not contain peroxide.

This is definitely one of my top Feb faves! You can buy Blanx White Shock HERE.

‘Frankie’ By Ariana Grande

My February Favorites 2016

Pop Superstar Ariana Grande has recently bought out her second fragrance ‘FRANKIE’. I absolutely loved her first fragrance ‘ARI’ so I was super excited when Ariana Grande collaborated with her famous brother, Frankie to release an exclusive and limited edition fragrance. The fruity gender-neutral fragrance is perfect for men and women. I love the design of the bottle, it looks stunning on my vanity table and the black pom pom is super cute! You can buy the gorgeous fragrance HERE. But be quick as its LIMITED EDITION !!!

WunderBrow & Coverproof Foundation

My February Favorites 2016

Wunderbrow has got to be my favourite product of February! I have these annoying eyebrows that never grow! I have never shaved or waxed my brows, they are just non-existent. For years, I have been penciling in my brows and trying to make them look as natural as possible. Pencils are great but never last long, I was forever re-applying my brows throughout the day.

I will admit I was sceptical of Wunderbrow, as it’s a liquid I instantly thought it would make my brows look like a wet mess. But I tried it anyway and I’m soooo glad I did! I’m never going back to pencils again!

When you first apply the Wunderbrow liquid…

it kind of feels like a facemask the way it dries on your skin, You can also use the little tool that comes with it to shape your brows the way you want them.  This amazing liquid lasts until you want it to come off! The day I first applied it, I went swimming and then out for lunch with friends. I then fell asleep on the sofa early evening whilst watching a film. When I went up to take my makeup off before bed, my brows looked exactly the same as when I had first done them that morning!

As well as being sent the Wunderbrow, I was also sent the foundation to try. The colour was great and matched my skin tone but I did find it very thick and heavy so I won’t be using that again. But everyone’s skin is different so might be worth giving it a go! However, I do highly recommend the wunderbrow! You can buy it HERE.

My February Favorites 2016

After Christmas, we can all feel a little bloated and uncomfortable. These fantastic leggings will give you an instant tummy tuck, making you feel slimmer and sexier. The fabric is made from 95% organic and chemical free bamboo yarn mixed with a touch of nylon. Boody is hypoallergenic and contain micro-gaps for ventilation, allowing your skin to breathe. Ideal for sensitive skin or eczema sufferers. You can wear these very slimming leggings under your jeans or normal trousers or you can simply wear them on their own with a long top or dress. You can buy these fabulous leggings HERE.

Let us know in the comments what your Feb Faves are!

My February Favorites 2016

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