| Meet Milo |

In May of this year, Milo came to live with us. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the colour of honey and in my (biased) opinion, the best dog in the entire world. Milo joined me, my fella and our two cats. We had spent many years planning for Milo but FINALLY, we hit a time in our lives where things fell in to place. Despite those many years of planning, however, we could never have known just how much of an impact Milo would have. We have enjoyed every minute, but every day is a learning experience.

One of the most important things we needed to consider was what we were going to feed Milo. We wanted to ensure he was healthy, strong and happy. We spent a lot of time researching before hand, and because today is National Dog Day I thought it would be a great opportunity to share our experiences.


| Where do we shop? |

Petshop.co.uk is an online pet supplies store who offer a repeat delivery dog food service. The founders of Petshop.co.uk started the business based on personal experiences with a plan to make a positive impact on the pet industry. All of the staff are pet owners, which I really liked. I know then, that they are sympathetic to the needs of my pet, and of me as a pet owner.

They stock over 10,000 products from different brands and suppliers, so there is something for every dog. Their subscription service means there is no fuss. Everything is delivered straight to your door and they even offer free delivery on orders over £19.99. So if you have a busy lifestyle, or you simply prefer hassle free, then a subscription service may be just what you need.


Whilst the list of reasons to use Petshop.co.uk is many, there are, for me, some main selling points.

First and foremost, the cost! The prices are extremely competitive and they offer great value for money.

Secondly, the product is delivered to my home, fast and efficiently, and I get free delivery if I spend over £19.99. I can also choose a recurrent order to ensure that I never run out. Thirdly

Thirdly, there is a HUGE selection!

Finally, the website is so simple to use and the process hassle free.


| What does Milo eat? |

Yes, the selection is vast! But, Milo does have his favorites!

◦◦ Huntland Grain Free Chicken & Turkey ◦◦

Milo really enjoys this food and I am a huge fan too, as grain free dog food is something we look for. This particular food is specifically for puppies and is 100% natural and perfectly balanced, (60% meat/fish, 40% veggies & botanicals.) It has freshly prepared British chicken, which is mixed with other ingredients, e.g. turkey, salmon, peas, carrot and sweet potato. It has zero cereals or grains and has been created by a nutritionist and tasted tested by Petshop.co.uk employees pets.

I am very happy to feed Milo this food confident in the knowledge that I am providing him with the very best!


◦◦ Catch Whitefish & Plaice Dog Cookies ◦◦

Milo is a HUGE fan of his dog cookies and I am a huge fan of giving him natural dog treats. These particular treats are also sometimes on a mix and match offer which is fantastic!

Catch dog treats are made with freshly prepared and sustainable fish. They are crunchy and provide a packed full of goodness treat which promotes health and wellbeing for your dog. They are low fat, hypoallergenic and the crunch helps to remove tartar and improve your dog’s dental health.

Which brings us quite nicely to …


◦◦ Dentalife ◦◦

Our dogs have specific health needs and one of those needs is maintaining good oral hygiene. Dentalife dog treats are a great way to achieve this. The chews are designed to reach those harder to reach places to keep your dog’s mouth nice and healthy.

These chews are designed for daily use and have no added artificial flavourings or colorants.


Milo is growing bigger and stronger every day and I am more than happy with his current diet. Petshop.co.uk comes both Girlie Gossip and Milo approved.


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