How to Feel Confident at the Beach!

The beach allows visitors to enjoy hours of fun, sun, and relaxation. Yet, a lack of self-esteem can prevent you from enjoying yourself during summer. To ensure you have an unforgettable experience, read on to discover these top tips on how to feel confident at the beach.

Prep for the Beach

Don’t put off shopping for a bikini because you’re worried about your confidence levels on the beach. Give yourself enough time to prepare for a sunny day, so you’ll find the perfect piece to feel both beautiful and confident. For example, a stunning sarong may allow you to feel comfortable in a crowd, while a stylish plus size bikini could be all it takes to feel happier in your own skin.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Your diet and exercise can impact your self-esteem. After all, you are what you eat. To improve your confidence, you should aim to enjoy a balanced, healthy lifestyle all year round. So, enjoy a healthier diet and exercise plan a few months before a trip to the beach. Focus on areas that will help you to feel more confident in a swimsuit, such as your abs, arms and hips.

Develop a Summer Style

The summer provides a perfect opportunity to become a little more adventurous with your style. So, buy that bright red lipstick you’ve had your eye on for all that time, add some highlights to your hair and buy a unique item of clothing you wouldn’t ordinarily wear. Being a little bold and playful with your style will allow you to embrace the summer spirit, so you’ll feel like a whole new person once you hit the beach.

Care for Your Skin

Intense heat, salty sea water and a suntan can all take their toll on your skin. It’s essential that you moisturize your face and body before and after you visit the beach, so your skin is buffed and protected for another day under the summer sun. You can also keep your skin both smooth and hydrated by exfoliating at least once a week.

Buff Your Body

Once you’ve found the perfect swimsuit for a day at the beach, ensure your body is bikini ready, which will make you exude confidence whether you’re swimming in the sea or laying on the sand. For example, hit the beach with freshly shaved or waxed legs, and you should treat yourself to a summer-inspired manicure and pedicure.

Banish the Bloat

Everyone can experience bloating, even if they regularly exercise and enjoy a healthy diet. If you want to prevent the dreaded bloat from striking your body come beach day, you should consume the best foods for your body, such as pineapple, melon, yoghurt and papaya. Also, aim to identify the trigger foods that can make you feel bloated in the months leading up to a holiday or beach day. You can also banish the bloat by drinking plenty of water, which can flush away bodily toxins and salt, which can add to bloating.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Don’t allow negativity or insecurity to get the best of you. Learn to love your body and stop comparing yourself to other people, or you’ll never feel happy donning a bikini on the beach. Different women have different body shapes, and each are beautiful. So, stop comparing your body to others and start celebrating what makes you special.

Have a Cover-Up

If you regularly feel self-conscious at the beach or poolside, you should take clothes with you that you can wear once you’ve removed a towel. For example, pick something that will feel comfortable over damp swimwear. For instance, women could opt for a light dress, shirt or a pair of shorts, while men could wear a loose t-shirt or tank top.

Fake It Until You Make It

Even if you feel a little unconfident on the beach, wearing a smile could be all it takes to make you feel happier in your body. A fake smile can increase your mood and reduce stress, so you’ll have more fun in the sun. So, if in doubt, wear a fake smile to change your mood and boost your confidence.


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